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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. Wiz33
    I use a pair of XBA-Z5 with my XZ300 while at home but I use the N3 while on the go since it more compact.
  2. rodel808
    Haha. I'll sometime pick up an over the counter ear wax removal kit at the local drug store just for the sake of listening to music.
  3. abitdeef
    I have a question, I've narrowed it down to 2 iems to go balanced on the 300- the oriveti new primacy and the hi fi man re800. Both look small and comfy and both have mmcx connectors. I'm leaning towards the re800 ( even though it's 400 dollars more ) because they look tiny like I'm used to, and I think the high treble energy would go good with zx300.
    Anyone have any experience with either? I feel the new primacy may be too smooth with the zx300, and the only iems I listen to have somewhat bright treble. Although I did like the xba n3, just not the fit.

  4. Sunova
    Shure it is! I have them for a week now and everything sounds perfect and balanced to me (and yes, a bit on the fun side). Before I had the 650AP and the XBA-H3, but the N3 is better in every way! Love it!
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
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  5. Slaphead
    I see what you did there :wink:
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  6. Jackson 6
    That just got 535 likes!
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  7. Jackson 6
    535 likes, or even 846 likes, it's sounding very sweet indeed with some Sunday morning gentle jazz. I ain't looking elsewhere.
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  8. Mn80
    Did someone mention Jazz?! lol.

    Circa 2001/2002 This is my all-time go-to for reference, found an instrumental version of it that is the cleanest. The ones with the lyrics are to die for, goosebump city. Any ways, enjoy the nice snap of the snare and extended basslines. I'm sure you can pick up dust in the air with them micro-details too. :)

  9. FunkeXMix
    Hey peeps, I was pretty much a happy owner of Sony XBA-N3AP until the tweeter stopped working on one side. Got my money back and looking for something else actually because:
    • Highs: I was very happy with the highs and the excellent wide soundstage the HD tweeter provided. It won't disappoint anyone I think.

    • Mids: Not so great, sound is a bit to far away in the background. It's okey, but i'd rather pay more for richer mids.

    • Bass: Very strong, too strong in my taste. Fixed that by lowering it using a equalizer. Nothing to complain about in the end.

    Can you guys recommend an upgrade that has what Sony XBA-N3AP has but better mids?
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  10. terrosa
    I have both too... for longer listening - i prefer the N3 and Z5 is when i want to fully enjoy the music. i know, it sounds stupid - since the N3 is almost as good as the Z5, but i have small ear canal, my ear aches after a prolonged listening on the Z5.
  11. aisalen
    Someday, will join all of you and will get the N3BP for my wm1a as I know that if I am purely satisfied with my balanced xba-a3, I will more satisfy with N3 for sure. I can listen with sony iem for more than 8 hours without fatigue.
  12. terrosa
    talks about the N3AP and N3BP, is the original balance cable worth the price difference between the AP and BP? Mine's the AP version but I used after market silver cable.
  13. aisalen
    Didn't hear yet hear or compared the original cable against after market, I am using cheap 4.4 aftermarket cable for both my xba-a3 and it03. But since n3 is being offered with balanced cable already, I am thinking to get the bp instead.
  14. Wiz33
    Are you using the the over the ear method with the Z5 and what kind of tips? I found that using the over the ear loop put less stress on the ear canal and the Triple comfort tips that comes with the N5 is pretty comfortable with the Z5 if you can get extra set. The JVC spiral dot tips are also very comfortable. The Z5 does need more power than the N3 to show it's full potential and running in balance does make a noticeable difference.
  15. jyle_t
    For those looking for a wireless experience, pair these with any bluetooth mmcx cable and voila wireless n3 you get (i use the westone cable)
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