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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. abitdeef

    Thanks for the kind words Jon, keep in mind I didn't put hardly any hours on them and I do think the sound will change a bit once the dynamic driver settles in. And I always find comply darken the sound a touch. And I appreciate the fast payment and good communication. LookIng forward to more impressions.
  2. Trebor1966
    Anyone having Xelento or AK T8iE parallel with XBA-N3AP in his inventory and can compare the sound signatures.
    In my inventory there is also K3003 and i think N3 is more coherent and the rest is on the same level.
  3. abitdeef
    These sounded amazing, unfortunately I can't wear them without discomfort. I would just like to ask if anyone's had any experience with westone w20, or mme pinnacle which are supposed to be pretty comfortable and I can run balanced. Sorry for off topic.

    I'm also considering ie800 original now that the price is down and the zx300 sounds great even through SE. And these are tiny.
  4. dannyvstheworld
    I don't have w20 but I'm currently using um 10 and um 30, which I believe is similar in form factor with the w series. And they're the most comfortable iems I've tried. But the Westone house sound is quite a daparture from sonys and you'd better try before you buy. I enjoy both for different music.

    And have you tried foam tips with N3AP? I had conform issue with them with the stock tips, but with comply foams it's much better.
  5. jonathane40
    I have the UM2 which looks similar in shape as well and I agree with the above comment. It is the most comfortable iem I have tried and it sounds very different so far than the N3. I’m still burning in the N3 so I’m curious to see how it changes. I’m also experimenting with the comply and the included tips.
  6. Raketen
    I haven't used them but have you seen the Rose Mini 2? They have a bad rep for build quality but MMCX & tiny. Yamaha recently updated the old classic EPH-100 with the EPH-200 which now has MMCX, though the nozzle might be too wide if is an issue.

    Since you seem to have some difficulty with fit, have you considered CIEMs or custom tips (like Snugs)?
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
  7. abitdeef

    Yes I tried comply, the most comfy tips were the Sony hybrid believe it or not, can you please describe how the sound is different?

  8. abitdeef
    Nope haven't tried custom tips, it the body of the iem that can cause problems also, I just know which I can wear. I will be buying them from an easy return place in case they bug me.

    Thanks for the info.
  9. abitdeef
    That sounds encouraging :)
  10. dannyvstheworld
    For me um series have warmer bass, forward mids and darker treble. N3AP are slightly v shaped and have more impactful bass and brighter treble. UM series are smooth, relaxed and musical, and N3AP are energetic and fun. UM series for Tom Waits and N3AP for Massive Attack.
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  11. Wizayus
    I'm currently looking for a balanced pairing to go with the ZX300, and have been deciding between the Andromeda and the N3. Are you (or anyone else) able to elaborate a little further with your experience in using both IEM's? (I've had limited experience with IEM's, but in terms of full sized headphones, I've leaned towards headphones such as the L700, HD800 and Eikon).

    Ideally I'm looking for something that is highly capable of providing plenty of detail for instrumental/orchestral, vocals etc, but is also able to handle a wide variety of other genres such as rock, metal and occasionally RnB/pop music. The Andromeda appears to be greatly regarded, but I've seen reports that the Andromeda can be uncomfortable to wear for an extended duration due to the build/fit.

    Any thoughts/experiences regarding both of these IEM's would be appreciated.

  12. Raketen
    FWIW IMO N3 are quality all-rounders EXCEPT for some classical/jazz- it's listenable and the bass works really nicely for those genre, but I sometimes find instrument (particularly string & some brass) timbre is off- probably I just prefer a brighter sound for that music. Also the presentation is more on the compact, closed side, so if you are looking for something analogous to HD800 probably not what you want (though I've only heard 800 once a long time ago so I could be totaly off base here).
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
    Wizayus likes this.
  13. rodel808
    I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Sony tends to have a house sound which leans towards being warm and more natural sounding to my ears. The N3 is the most comfortable iem I've ever used to date (I prefer wearing cables downwards as opposed to Andromeda over-ear style). With the Andromeda I find myself frequently readjusting, especially when I'm on the move. Andromeda has a brighter sound which makes me think it's more detailed. Tips can greatly alter the sound for both. I switch between Sprial Dots (brightest sounding), Comply smartcore (comfort, warmer sound) and SpinFits (best seal and best bass). The included triple comfort tips included with the N3 were too small for my right ear so I don't use them.
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  14. Jackson 6
    N3 is great across all genres.
  15. jonathane40
    So all along I have been thinking of the N3 as a somewhat darker sounding iem. Boy was I wrong!

    Today I went to the doctor and got my ear's cleaned. I can't believe how much that was affecting my hearing; specially on the higher notes. The N3 to me sound quite balanced now!

    We are always looking how to improve the way we perceive music and sometimes we are so busy looking at gear that we forget the most important instrument; our ears!

    I am listening to the MTV Unplugged album by Florence + the Machine and it sounds superb with the N3. I'm using the Comply tips and they work great for me.
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