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Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

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  1. mswift42
    The sony wf 1000xm3 is fairly similar + microphonics definitely wouldn't be a problem.
  2. Doug2507
    Wow, that's the last thing I would have said about the cable. Is it original? They're std mmcx so any other cable would be fine as replacement.
  3. mymail0808
    interesting; true wireless really can compare wired in terms of sound quality?
    hmmmmm, let me get a chance to try.

  4. mymail0808
    ah. right.
    sorry for my sudden stupid, like always.

  5. mswift42
    No, I get it. For me, cable down worn iem's work fine while I'm stationery, i.e. sitting down. I actually prefer them when I know I'll have to interact with people,
    because taking them out and putting back on is more convenient than with iem's worn over ear.
    However, when I'm walking about (I'm a very fast walker), the constant movement makes the cable bang against my clothes and than you get that nasty cable noise.
  6. Lebowsky
    yep. I wish there was an MMCX cable out there that you can wear around the neck, assymterical/j-cord style... but I haven't found one. maybe need to have a custom one done? but that's probably expensive for just a a cable...
  7. Doug2507
    That's a fair point, I'm mostly stationary when listening to mine.

    Forza Audio will make a cable to suit, they can put a nylon sleeve on the cable which removes any chance of microphonics. They sound damn good as well.
  8. Cuebbing
    I'm not sure about finding another with the same tone since these have the Sony 'house' sound but it will be interesting to see what people recommend.
    On the cable microphonics, do you still experience microphonics with a different cable? I use the N3 with a different cable and have no microphonics. I can't remember the brand off the top of my head but currently it is just one of the cheaper (under $100) upgrade cables from Amazon.
  9. cfc7
    Have you tried a cable clip?
  10. aisalen
    While walking, you can wear it over the ear. That's what I do to avoid microphonic. I do not use mine when walking since when I upgraded mine with MUC-M12NB1, beside of being too to heavy the microphonic becomes worst.
  11. cfc7
    They are a bit heavy with MUC-M12NB1 cable but again, the included clip was the solution for wearing cable down and avoiding weight and any microphonics.
  12. Hinomotocho
    My N3 are a secondary pair that I use with a 3.5mm Lisoul cable with my tablet and phone. I can't help myself but want to try them balanced after the improvements I got when I went balanced with my Z5. My question is: has anyone had mmcx issues cable swapping? My Z5 were secondhand and had a dodgy left side, probably due to the loose fit of the Z5 design - even the official Sony MUC balanced cable was really loose and required a bit of tape to prevent movement. The N3 connector looks to be a bit deeper and perhaps more solid, just wondering if anyone can please share their experiences with the odd cable swap.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
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  13. Doug2507
    I use mine with a forza balanced mmcx. No issues at all and opens them up nicely.
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  14. cfc7
    No problem using MUC-M12NB1 cable.
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  15. flyer1
    Same experience with the kimber SB1 here.
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