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Sony XBA-4's jack help!

  1. BillsonChang007
    Heres a picture on the condition of the jack and hopefully the flashlight allow you to see the spots. Jacks are moved to the side because the flashlights are blocking the spots
    Hello all,

    I have not use this XBA-4 for a while (2-3 months?) as I hardly went out lately even if I do, I didn't bring it along. Today I decided to use it to listen to EDM but the jack seems to have some issue! Small tiny spots are there and the volume gets distracted when I twist the jack. Pretty sure it's not the cable problem.

    Any DIY solution for this? I will need it for my next month's long distance travel!

    Billson :)
  2. Mad Max
    What spots? Sorry.
    If you think it is oxidation, scrub the contacts with a pencil eraser and that should do the trick.  If you are still having issues, reterminate with a new mini-plug.  Neutrik NYS plugs are usually pretty cheap, and Lunashops has a variety of decent cheap plugs as well.
  3. BillsonChang007

    Alright thanks! Will try it later

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