Sony XB90EX Cord Help
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Nov 11, 2012
Hey guys I'm new to post here. Bought my Sony Xb90ex's around a year go. Great headphones that suit what I want. Deep punchy bass that's not overwhelming or muddled. But The cord that connects to the splitter cable that leads into the actual earbuds themselves got disconnected. I have no idea where its at and its probably long gone by now. There seems to be an attachment that you can plug in rather than a a tear or break in the cord itself. I have looked online for cord attachments for this headphone but no luck. Any of you know if this is in fact a detachable cable I can buy or any fixes? I'd hate to waste these perfectly good earbuds because of the cord itself. 
If it isnt fixable is here an other recommendations for headphones like it?
Here are some images since I cant post images yet

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