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Sony XB300 present for son, He wont be wearing these...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by paul graham, Jan 16, 2013.
  1. Paul Graham
    I just recieved the "Sony MDR-XB300" cans I bought for my 9 year old boy to go with his iPod Touch as he's beginning to take after me and I want to give him a little start and nudge into the world of audio.
    Anyways.... I bought these on ebay knowing its always the flip of a coin.
    Im sat here listening  to them now as I 1. Wanted to make sure they're ok, And 2. burn them in a little.
    Glad I decided to do so as these are possibly THE WORST cans I've ever tortured my ears with.
    Now, Two things are in my mind, Either they're fakes, And if so then yes, I totally expect nothing but the lowest of low quality.
    However, If they turn out to be the genuine thing from Sony, Then someone in the department who designed and made these needs to be shot!
    Actually, Fake or Real, WHOEVER built these horrible nasty excuse for a pair of headphones needs to be subjected to a slow, painful and horrible death!
    Seriously, I have a pair of Skullcandy TI's that I  thought were the worst Ild ever heard that just outperformed these things by 
    ( P.s. - The ebayer has been sent a polite but very angry email. )
  2. GREQ
    If I recall, they sound fairly similar to the XB500, which I think are quite fun. The resolution is fairly low, but over all it's not as awful as you describe.
    I see you're accustomed to Grado SR60i (I read your profile) which means you're used to some of the most detailed value for money cans around. The late XB series from Sony sacrifices resolution for that 'sub-woofer-in-your-head' experience that is aimed at mostly electronic music. It's a different ball game and I think the XB300 does what it does quite well. 
  3. Kimx2310
    Tyll from innerfidelity also didn't like them, said they sounded muddy. I agree it is a pretty bad headphone, may I recommend the Phillips Downtown instead? Much better while still being very comfortable and it can be had for around $50
    There's also the CAL's which are even better, can be had for $60 on Amazon.
  4. Paul Graham
  5. Tangster
    Creative Aurvana Live! Twin(and successor) to the excellent Denon AH-D1001.
  6. Magicman74

    Creative Aurvana Live
  7. Achmedisdead
    Yeah, they are far better sounding than the Sony XB fart cannons IMO.
  8. Magicman74
    Once dad hears them, he'll be adding them into his collection...[​IMG]
    For a 9yr old, he is going to be in heaven, I've got 30 on him and I smile everytime I use them!!!
  9. GREQ
    I think everyone here is completely missing a big point. 
    The CAL is 3X more expensive than the XB300, which is clearly aimed at young teenagers on a budget that listen to 'wub-wubing' bass etc. 
    When I was younger £60 was a big deal and I would probably have been looking at things like the XB300 just because I couldn't afford anything else with my weekly paper-round.
    Not all parents can afford to, or are willing drop £60 on headphones for their kids because a lot of children don't yet know how to respect and care for technology and headphones (especially cables), as at that age it happens more regularly than for older folks who care for what they own. 
    People on headfi mostly don't compare headphones that have a difference of 3 times the cost for a good reason.
  10. Paul Graham
    My son is a proper little geek, And he takes care of his gear, I'll give you a rundown to give you an idea of what he already has, Uses day to day and looks after...
    Acer One netbook running Foobar2000
    Powermac G3
    iPod Touch 1st gen
    iPod nano 4gb
    HTC Wildfire
    Amazon Kindle
    Amiga A600
    XBOX 360 Elite
    Ps2 Slim
    Modified RC Subaru Impreza
    Something to do with his ADHD/Autism allows him to really appreciate music, film, games and reading ( I know all kids do )
    He "drowns" himself in it and it helps him relax and fight his behaviour.
    Not bad at all for a nine year old eh?
  11. GREQ
    Yes, but all that demonstrates is that you are a parent who is willing and able to drop a lot of money onto their children.
    And fortunately in this case with justification and confidence. Not all parents have either luxury. 
  12. Paul Graham
    I am infact in a very tight budget, A lot of this was sourced used or faulty and I repaired and cleaned it all up gradually.
    As Im his and his mums carer I cant work a full time 9 till 5 so I have to bargain hunt like you wouldnt believe.
    For example, I bought my Sennheiser HD25 1 II Adidas Originals for £50 and they are the genuine thing, Why? Because the box was a shambles and the seller didnt know much about hifi etc. 
    Typical buyer and seller who doesnt do their research.
    And recently, I bought a Rega Planar 3 for £70.
    But I work hard as a carer and I do volunteer work so I feel that I Give something back and earn the benefits I get payed.
    Anyhow, Sorry I kind of went off topic there, I just like people to know that nice gear can be had on a shoe string budget, You just have to watch ebay/amazon/market/jumble sales etc like a hawk and know what and where to look.....
    And if I did have heaps of cash, I would only drop it on stuff for my son if he had earned it by being good, working hard at school etc, He knows money doesnt grow on trees and appreciates what he's given. :)
  13. TrollDragon
    Pick up a pair of Monoprice 8323 the best little set of headphones you can get for $20, he or you won't be disappointed with those.

    Sent from my HTC Desire HD A9191 using Tapatalk 2
  14. GREQ
    That's really cool. If only everybody was more conscientious and frugal like you. 
    I frequently go to the flea market and go bargain hunting too. Sometimes it's a good way to make a little pocket money to buy newer things.
    Paul Graham likes this.
  15. takato14
    Both the XB-500 and XB-300 are HORRIBLE cans. Muddy, boomy, bleedy, disgusting low end and virtually nothing else. Even the XB-700 was only decent when I tried it out at Best Buy. I'd stay away from the XB line altogether if I were you. Try the Monoprice 8323, as stated above. Very good headphones for a stupidly low price. The only thing that's not perfect is the comfort, but as with most headphones you get used to it.

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