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Sony WM1Z Walkman DAP DAC (no Volume Cap)

Trader History (1)
  1. Angertobi
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    52A86E84-4C26-419F-A6B9-2396701B07FF.jpeg 5D3B48D9-3B8F-4B92-960B-F377CF8813B6.jpeg 4F7510B9-6410-47AE-A0A7-E3A359718075.jpeg F9A8CEA2-3FC0-4EC6-B328-4D486E24250A.jpeg 3C8C86B0-5C25-463F-AF31-95181EDA0961.jpeg 0DA85E8B-CCEB-4BE4-80C0-D1DAE220806A.jpeg 33E7B3B8-1A0C-47B4-94D8-BA89EEB1855B.jpeg 92C3A4A9-E55D-4062-9FDC-9F10A7FD6A79.jpeg 1BCB43C1-6749-415B-A0BF-3BA3E397F26A.jpeg B7D0BC3E-591D-4AB3-9031-6ACC229A276C.jpeg 60E6D010-ADCF-435F-AF1F-6617A0DF88D4.jpeg Hallo

    Sell the Sony NW-WM1Z

    I am the second user.

    -Technical everything okay with newest firmware installed,optical a little gold friction on the lower left side.

    - NO VOLUME CAPPED (Malaysia Version)

    - all accessories are included with bill from 24th November 2018

    Can ship to whole Europe .

    Paypal payment would be nice. Send it directly to you.

    If you have any questions please email me.
  2. Angertobi
  3. cr3ativ3
    Trade against ALO continental dual mono ?
  4. Angertobi
    Have the maroon one two years ago and sell it also:) too big and too warm :)
  5. Silvano
    is the price a bit negotiable?
    I'm from Italy.

  6. Angertobi

    It is sold
  7. Silvano
    Ok, nice for you!

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