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Sony WM1A, dignis case, remote, cradle

Trader History (9)
  1. thebratts
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Best offer:
    Wm1a in excellent shape(uncapped) . (sold)
    New remote (rmt-nws20)
    New cradle ( BCR-NWH10)
    Black dignis case.(sold)
    All boxes and accessories.

    Only Wm1a and dignis case for 800.
    Cradle for 100
    Remote for 50

    2017-10-08 22.52.42.jpg 2017-10-08 22.55.25.jpg 2017-10-08 22.55.20.jpg 2017-10-08 22.55.33.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  2. proedros
    good luck , your price is by far the highest i have seen in here for a used wm1a

    you will probably need to lower it in order to sell it , you'll see yourself

    thebratts likes this.
  3. thebratts
    With accessories for almost 400usd, not really I think, but for a wm1a only yes since the wm1a goes for about 1200 euro new. of course if anyone want to buy parts let me know. But that's also why I'm open for offers hard to know how anyone values new accessories like the cradle and remote that also can be hard to get... If someone are looking for all of these items in a kit or just the wm1a..

    Edit: Also thanks for the message since I realized I screwed up my calculations for what I paid so it should be 950 for the package.

    So.. Price lowered and adjusted, based on feedback from proedros. :)
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
    proedros likes this.
  4. proedros
    well , you can always open a FS thread for the cradle/remote/case in accessories

    be flexible , not many people will want all items you have for selling

    thebratts likes this.
  5. NoMythsAudio
    Pictures please
  6. thebratts
  7. proedros
    great price , GLWS
  8. thebratts
    Pictures Added
  9. YorkshireBloke
    Received this beauty today (Nw-WM1a and Dignus case) via tracked international shipping, took less than 3 days, am delighted!
    Top quality, all items and packaging are mint. Promptly answered all of my queries and kept me informed of every step.

    Excellent service! Now the fun can start. :beyersmile:
    thebratts likes this.
  10. thebratts
    Bump cradle still available. And remote
  11. AmusedToD
    Is the remote still available?

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