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SONY WH1000XM3 - better than QC35 in noise cancelling?

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  1. ryanmatic
    Has the True-Fi iOS app worked well for folks? I couldn't get it to actually load any of my local files on my iPhone or my iPad (music I own, not music I stream). Last I looked on the App Store page, I wasn't the only one with those issues. Haven't had any issues with the macOS app though.

    At any rate, that's good that they added an XM3 profile—I'll download the app again and give it a try.
  2. darkwing
    how does the True-Fi work? would it work on Spotify? or only on music files
  3. donato
    I downloaded it just now to try it out. On iOS, it looks like it only works with iTunes and Spotify Premium. I don't use either (mainly Onkyo HF player for music), so sadly not any use to me.
  4. darkwing
    I downloaded it too, to my S9+ , it works with Spotify Premium, wow, they even have an age adjustment lol
  5. rkw
    Where is your music stored, that you play using Onkyo HF? Doesn't True-Fi find it, when you look under the Media Library?
  6. Jabba
    MQA on Tidal was a solid upgrade in SQ, much better mastering than hi-fi on the songs I tried.
    Re-downloading all my offline albums with possible MQA versions now.
    Sounds fabulous with the xm3.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  7. scarfacegt
    So then u have to choose,mqa on tidal or true fi on spotify. Hmmmm
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  8. scarfacegt
    So does mqa work wireless on the sonys?
  9. Jabba
    I think it gets converted to my chosen codec (Ldac with priority on SQ)?
    The mastering is way better than on Hi-fi versions I had.
    Regardless of how this works I get a more balanced sound and much improved fidelity overall.
  10. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Level match volume and have a friend help with blind listening testing and see if MQA sounds better than HiFi. Best way to know if this is money well spent. One factor that can influence things is that often the remastered versions are made a little louder so when you play it back at the same volume setting it will sound more engaging. That is a possible contributor. I know I tried blind listening testing at my brothers and I couldn't reliably pick MQA out.
  11. rkw
    One factor is that many recordings on streaming services (including Tidal lossless) are crippled by an audible watermark (https://www.mattmontag.com/music/universals-audible-watermark). However, I have found that MQA albums on Tidal do not have the watermark distortion. I believe this is the factor that makes the difference rather than MQA technology itself.
  12. BRSxIgnition
  13. frustration101
    Yeah WAY too much bass - if the app can fix that for phone playback - fantastic![/QUOTE]

    I agree there is too much bass. I find I can get a great balanced sound using the EQ in the Sony app. Great for my iPhone as it still connects via AAC. I use the EQ on my dap as the Sony EQ won’t work with LDAC.
    Pro-Jules likes this.
  14. Cliffy02
    By now, it seems well-known what the 2019 model must/mustn't feature: no XX-Bass, (much)improved controls, improved passive isolation, improved Bluetooth connectivity, (further)improved ANC, lighter weight, easier & cheaper-to-replace ear-pads. Last, but not least, the fuggly thick&narrow, TeleTubby-ish padded headband center-piece should maybe be replaced by something flat&wide, and possibly unpadded, for better comfort and looks. Did I miss anything?
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019 at 11:04 AM
  15. BRSxIgnition
    You're kidding right? Aside from the option to turn off the touch pad and reducing the bass, most of those are horrible ideas. (ESPECIALLY the idea to reduce the padding, which is one of the thibgs this headphone does right!)

    Seriously, have you tried many of the other headphones on the market with little to no padding in the headband? Even on sets that are lighter they cause pain and sorespots after an hour or less or wear!

    If there's anything I want more headphone manufacturers to do, it's put more padding on the headband, especially on heavier headphones. (Which I kinda hope the XM4s get since I'd like something better than plastic and pleather on the next set.)
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