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Sony WH-1000XM2 Impressions thread

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  1. BenKatz
    Here's my short observations of this headphone after using the 1000x for 1,5 years, and comparing it to the B&W PX before deciding which to buy:

    vs 1000X (Mark I):

    - outer ear cups made of a more rubbery material which is more resistant to scratches, and band color changed to a more bright gunmetal finish (big pluses)
    - obviously, the nice app that shows you among other things battery status
    - slightly lower white noise and possibly better NC performance vs high-note noses (snapping my fingers came in quieter on the M2).
    - sound: yes, I did an A/B test and there is a quite important difference: the sound is 10-15% louder, the mids are a bit more forward, bass is a tiny bit punchier and highs sparkle a bit more. Basically an overall improvement on the sound, with the exact same signature (and drivers - so it's probably an enhanced AMP).
    - just as comfortable
    - ~4h more battery time

    vs B&W PX:

    - cheaper :))
    - B&W has better materials, looks more premium.
    - Sound: B&W has better sound with NC off (vs 1000X with NC off) - basically a slightly thinner, but more accurate and wide sound - HOWEVER, comparing them both with NC ON - 1000XM2 get an over all sound boost performance vs with NC off, while the B&W PX become quite noticeably more "closed" and compressed with NC ON - in short, PX has the potential of sounding better with NC Off (or wired, used with a high end dac or something) - but for their purpose, BT headsets with NC ON - 1000X sounds noticeably better.
    - Noise cancelling is pretty much better on the Sonys in all aspects - but the B&W have very little white noise
    - Comfort: B&W have too much clamping force and i can feel a sore spot on the top of my head starting to form after 10 minutes.
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  2. Tassie Devil
    Just tried out the WH-1000XM2 wireless linked to a Sony A25 and am impressed. I'm not keen on their fiddly control buttons or the literature that came with it - why use mystifying diagrams instead of words?

    But they ARE comfortable and the AQ is very acceptable. Just how good they will be at noise cancelling is yet to be determined but reports are positive.

    I've owned Sennies (and still have 800S along with Focal Utopias), HiFi Man and AKG headphones and would rate the Sonys as equal to any others I've owned in that price range. For portable purposes I give them full marks and am surprised to see so many owners have them up for sale. Maybe some could join this thread and explain why they do not like them.

    POSTSCRIPT: Later addition, I think I can see why it is unpopular as I found it just would not connect to my Pioneer XDP 30R and that IS annoying. If the cans are like that with too many other non Sony players, I can see why it is disliked. It will not inspire me to sell it as the A25 will get the most portable use with it anyway and I'll use the Sennies 800S with the Pioneer. But that is a big negative.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
  3. BenKatz
    TBH It's kind of a waste to use these headphones through BT with high-end audio players that have high quality internals. These should be linked up to wired high-fi cans. These headphones are, though, excellent with any smartphone since it gives you the exact same AQ as with the Pioneer (or any DAP), but you don't need to cary too many devices.
  4. bhazard
    These headphones through Android 8.0 and LDAC are absolutely unmatched in wireless BT sound quality. Tidal SQ via a wire and LDAC are just about identical. Same with USB Audio Player Pro in Hi Res mode. It's such a massive leap above SBC and aptX that it is very much noticeable.

    Combined with excellent Noise Cancelling, these feeling like bleeding edge tech headphones (because they are)
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  5. Peddler
    I love mine!
  6. mwhals
    I saw an update to 2.0, but see it was pulled.
  7. int_architect
    Big fan of mine. First foray into BTNC headphones. Pairs well with my phone and tablet. Unfortunately, I ditched the A45 before I purchased the 1000xm2, so no opportunity to test pairing.
  8. ohsigmachi
    I Just bought a pair to compliment my LG V30plus. There still aren't very many LDAC and apTX-HD capable devices out there so when I saw that the V30 plus was, I jumped on these cans.

    Bottom line up front: They sound phenomenal.

    With NC on or off. Streaming tidal MQA with the 24-bit 96kHz option selected in both the phone setting and the Sony app makes them just sing.

    They have reproduced everything I have thrown at them spot on, listening to Tidal MQA of everything from Mastodon to Brad Mehldau is just crazy, crazy good.

    My wife has an older set of Bose QC35s and the Sonys are better in just about every possible way (the Bose may have a tiny edge is how effective the NC is).
  9. mwhals
    The NC silenced the plane I was on Friday as if I was in a quiet vacuum. This was before I started playing music.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2018
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  10. Pokemonn
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
  11. Peddler
    One thing I have noticed with these headphones is that when I've connected them to my LG V20 it doesn't appear to make any difference whether the Hifi DAC is switched on our off to the sound quality.

    I haven't yet bothered connecting the headphones up to another player but I suspect that the headphones perform analogue to digital conversion, then runs the digital signal through its special DSP sound processing algorithm and then converted back to analogue and sent to the built in amplifier and to the speakers.

    With this in mind they have a distinctive Sony sound which I really like.

    It's fair to say that they are my favourite full sized headphones at the moment.
  12. ohsigmachi
    You're correct there is no Digital to analogue conversion happening in the Quad DAC when you stream Bluetooth.

    My understanding is that the Digital information of your sound file is encoded into one BT codec or another and then streamed to the HP. The onboard HP DAC/Amp handle it from there.

    One thing the LG v30 (and I believe your V20 as well) has going for it is that if you prioritize the connection for sound quality it uses Sony's LDAC "lossless" compression algorithm which allows for 24bit 96kHz streaming over BT.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
  13. Pokemonn
    I just noticed via this headphone mic, you can control Apple Siri AI, you can play any music via Siri...! surprised!
  14. ongsta
    Can this model be plugged in directly? Any difference in audio quality with direct connection vs LDAC?
  15. ohsigmachi
    Yes it can. I have seen little difference running this plugged through and Grace design SDAC and my Darkvoice 336se. Maybe sloghtly warmer signature through the Darkvoice.
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