Sony & Sharp Minidisc Players and Recorders
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Feb 1, 2013
I got back into Minidisc a few years ago, and I've been having fun with it. Most of my collection are portable Sony players and recorders from the late 90s, when Sony was dominant in terms of engineering. They sound great, too - I believe Sony's ATRAC was roughly equivalent to an 256kb MP3 at the time.
I have decided to sell some of my collection. All are in working condition, with nothing broken unless otherwise noted. I purchased them all used, so they are not perfect, but I have done whatever I can to clean and refurbish them. New batteries are still available for these, and there are plenty of blank discs available on the market. 
For Sale:
  1. Sony MZ-E55 - $50 - Silver - includes battery charger, battery sidecar, and remote with display
  2. Sony MZ-E44 - $40 - Includes sidecar battery and remote cable. Paint is rough but it still has the pearl effect.
  3. Sony MZ-E90 - $60 - includes headphones, battery, battery charger, carry case and remote cable. Paint is rough in some spots.
  4. Sony MZ-R90 - SOLD! - includes headphones, remote cable, sidecar battery, and charger. Battery door doesn't stay shut on its own.
  5. Sharp MD-MS722 - SOLD! - player & recorder, includes carry case, battery, car charger, remote cable with display, and sidecar battery (cover is broken). This one is especially useful because it can erase MDLP discs.
  6. Sony MZ-E55 - SOLD! - Blue - includes battery charger, battery, sidecar battery, remote with display, and carry case. Paint is rough.
Add $5 shipping per item.
Pics here:

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