Sony S739 + IE8 super combo
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Jun 16, 2008
Hi all,

Just wanted to share my experience.

I listen to : Sony S739 + IE8
I changed the tips and set clear bass +2..
Vol : 10 - 12..
Song sources :
Dream Theater : The Dying Soul
Pat Metheny : Upjenie
Pat Metheny Lone Jack
Frameshift : Gene Machine
Olivia Ong : One Note To Samba
Bossa N Roses : Patience
Metallica : That Was Just Your Life

And I feel I'm in musical extravaganza...
I can hear all details that produced from the songs and it is so sparkling & lively...

James Hetfield & Kirk Hammet's guitars attack seem talking to each other.

Olivia Ong seems having a nice warm concert in my head !

Dream Thater sounds top notch, double bass drum sounds like machine gun, bass guitar well is represented, guitar attack is everywhere and keyboard give a nice background...and the nice thing is I can hear all these instruments clearly and very detail eventhough the song's tempo so fast

All in all :
Bass guitar & Bass drum are well controlled.
Mids and treble is precise & sparkling.

What else should I say ??

Amazing combination from sony & sennheiser !!
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I think it is about 6 months...
I don't really notice if burn in also makes it better.
But after I am trying different tips, it just showing an amazing sound, bass is not overshadowing mid & treble.

This tips let mid & treble go out more details and sparkling.
As to compensate a little lack of bass, then I set clear bass +2...

With this setting, mid & treble are precise & great..while bass is also thick, well controlled and warm.

Beside IE8, I only own sony EX 90 and Shure E2G...

I don't think soundstage is really wide if I compare it to the other IEMs I own.
But instruments & vocal's details and seperation is awesome.

Obviously, we can not compare the soundstage with bookshelf speaker in a room.....
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Hey i am glad someone else has also found this great sound.
I have been enjoying this combo for a few months now and i must admit, when finding the right combo as far as tips are concerned, then its pure sonic bliss................
"Big sound stage, bass thick and midrange and treble just precise"... yes i think so.
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When I bought the IE8s, I had the Sony A808, instant synergy and great sound. After that I upgraded the A808 to the Sony X1060, which sounds even better, might be the best sounding DAP (without extra amp) ever made.
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Yeah Guys the IE8 and S738 is a really really good combo.I had been enjoying that sonic bliss for the past months and now The X1060 even takes it to another level haha
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Its horses for courses really, no tip is the same for every one.
I had a bunch from the sony and senn's and only 1 of each gave me that sweet sound.
All the rest were either to much treble or too much bass,for me.
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Wanted to add...

Just listening to chinese folk this morning instrumentals..the soundstage is HUGE...

I can see and hear the band players playing mini concert in front of me...

The flute & chinese violin main melody are up front, chinese guitar is on the back right, chinese madolin is on the back left, acoustic bass is playing between the flute player and chinese mandolin.


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