Sony PHA-3 balanced portable dac/amp

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by sabermobile, Sep 3, 2014.
  1. Land-O-The-Free
    If anyone is interested, I have a PHA-3 That is in excellent condition that I’m going to be posting for sale soon. Figured I would ask on here first. PM me if you’re interested. Thanks!
  2. damex
    should not move - is about horrible micro-usb cables that gets disconnected on the move.
    works perfectly with ipad charger (10w, 2.1a) and anker powerline cable. also anker 'powerport 5' works just fine (declared as 2.4a per port)
  3. cthomas
    No problem :wink:
  4. cthomas
    I have 3 cables attached to the back of the pha-3 so I used cable ties to tie them together. Helps with this problem.
  5. damex
    i have westone w60 ciem and i try to pair with pha3 - it is louder then i would want it to on some rare occasion (i like to relax, keep things silent/quiet around me and play lovely music on very-low-volume).
    with 3.5mm SE output:
    9 o clock of volume knob cause channel imbalance.
    9-30~10 o clock brings everything back to normal.

    so it is perfectly usable at 10 over single ended connection.

    could it be resolved if i would start using balanced? or balanced would be times more loud for me? don't have right cable yet :)
  6. arftech
    I have the PHA-3 and the Z7. My question is what would be recommended to use as a source/transport to mainly stream Tidal and occasional hi-res downloads? Currently, I’m using my MacBook Pro and iPhone but want to venture into the Android world. It could be a phone or DAP.

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  7. arftech
    Where can I get rubber bands for my PHA-3 and Experia Z3?
  8. Zowie1
    Is it possible to use this amp with a portable cd-player like sony walkman and does the DAC work with 6th generation iPod Classic? I have been thinking about upgrading my portable amp, currently using Fiio A5 and L3-LOD with Sennheiser HD650 and ie800. Would the PHA-3 be worth getting?
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  9. Whitigir

    Yes, use the phones out on the CD Walkman and connect to analog 3.5 input in the back
  10. thecrow
    The hd650 and pha3 go very well together. And the balanced connection, from a brief demo, i thought was worth it. The hd650’s come up very well balanced and well driven that has the hd650 closer to neitral than a warm sound that you can get from it when not supplying enough power to it

    May not work as well with the ie800 as i found the top end too much with those and the pha3 does not bring back or roll off the energy up there
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  11. damex
    is 'normal' usb digital input on pha3 (to the right from microUSB) support only 16/44.1?
    looks like i can not output from ios devices more then 16/44.1 there (even if it is 24/96 apple lossless). i also tried other ios players and it seems to be capped at 16/44.1. maybe i am missing something :frowning2:
    i tried microUSB port on OSX and it accepts higher frequencies just fine after you set it in 'audio midi setup' or through audirvana.
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  12. Witcher
    iirc, the choke is on the ios side. not the pha3 side.
  13. damex
    if i use CCK/Camera Kit and connect it to pha3's microUSB using some microUSB to USB cable - i can get any pha3 supported format out of my iOS device.
    if i use stock apple thunderbolt cable (or any other usb->thunderbolt cable) and connect it to pha3's normal USB - i can not get anything beyond 44.1.

    so... what is my options here? pay for aftermarket thunderbolt to microUSB cable that will have CCK functionality?
  14. damex
    oohhh... maybe fiio l19 would work for me here? O_o
  15. ruthieandjohn
    What is a good Sony player to use as a digital-out transport to drive my PHA-3...good user interface, wide enough to NOT fall between the rubber rails on the PHA-3 ( as my NWZ-A15 does!), and does not have me paying a lot for an unused great DAC or amp (e.g., the NW-WM1A), the functions of which are performed by my PHA-3? Thanks!
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