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Sony NWZ-ZX1 - 35th Walkman Anniversary model

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by alpha10, Sep 9, 2013.
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  1. pietcux
    I disabled the sound device first. Then I tried the eq or the bass boost, which are still selectable and voila, I got rid of the volume cap. My feeling is, it does not only get much louder, it also sounds better by a good margin.
  2. chontler

    Yeah, I had discovered that and was going to mention it, but I found that although the eq is selectable it doesn't actually work - and I prefer to boost the top end and bass a little.
    I've been playing the past couple of days and the best workaround I've found is to use poweramp. That's now fully compatible with the hardware and takes advantage of the integrated sound settings. It even takes over as the main player for the hardware buttons.

    Disabling the device - [ system settings/apps/running/sound enhancements/stop ] also means that poweramp can't use those features but it has it's own eq which is good enough for those little tweaks. It also has a preamp but that just causes my Grados and Senns to clip.

    Imo, this is a pretty good solution. It's a faster, more modern looking player with a better ui and has none of the annoyances of the Sony app - like not being able to shuffle all songs from the start and the icons working the first time you press them.
  3. shadowoflight
    So guys, I'm in a position where I can choose between the zx1 and zx100.
    Any thoughts comparing the 2, regardless of age/price?
    Will using software like poweramp on zx1 make a huge difference over zx100?
    Would especially love to hear from those who've had experience with both
  4. Whitigir
    Poweramp alpha brought the best into Zx2, not sure of Zx1, never heard of Zx100..but Zx100 is the direct successor of Zx1 (aka newer version with improvements)
  5. shadowoflight
    how do you delete a post? lol.
  6. pietcux

    You can only empty it.
  7. pietcux
    The ZX-100 is more a big A17. It has no Android and no touch screen. But sound wise the ZX-1 takes the lead following my experience from IFA 2015. I had my ZX1 and m IE800 with me to compare.
  8. gerelmx1986

    ZX100 Has microSD slot and SUPPORTS THE 200GB SanDisk microSD
  9. Whitigir
    Zx100 was confirmed by Sony to be the direct successor of Zx1, while Zx2 remains the flagship of the company
  10. shadowoflight
    yea, it's a bit weird.
    I was confused by the price and naming convention. usually, if it had more numbers, it means a 'lower end' or more compact variant.
    It's like their cameras - RX1 > RX10 > RX100

    But... the size is quite similar, so I guess they used similar hardware. No touchscreen and cheaper processor because it has no android would explain some of the price drop. I was also reading the interviews - it seems like the ZX100 is basically the ZX1 with slight adjustments.

    Which brings me back to the ZX1. all things being equal, I feel that using software like poweramp would also improve sound quality. The lack of expansion is not a deal breaker. My most important concern is the sound quality.

    and thanks pietcux, that's quite enlightening.
  11. pietcux

    But do yourself a favour, try to get a non EU capped unit. Even though I was able to uncap the volume by disabling the sound device, I lost the eq and bass enhancement in the process, which are nice at times.
  12. shadowoflight
    no issues with that here :wink:
  13. bfwiat

    Hi, in regards to battery life, try disabling the following apps/services.
    Exchange Services
    Google play games
    Google search
    In store demo
    Street view

    I get 9-12hrs playing of 24/96 this way, and drains only a few % overnight if not in use :smile:
  14. FortisFlyer75
    Anyone interested regarding...
    Sony Walkman to HUGO/ Mojo usb connection cable alternative.

    Been a while since I posted on these parts but just wanted to share some info which some may find useful if using a Sony Walkman with the Hugo as if like me you have got annoyed at using the special Sony WMC-NWH10 USB conversion cable where you then have to still use a normal usb cable into this bulky not best quality adaptor Sony have ever done which makes it very messy and cumbersome and untidy when strapping the Sony ZX1/ ZX2 to the Hugo. 

    I could of really done with an all in one solution last weekend when I was taking my ZX1 strapped to Hugo around with me testing different gear at the Headroom show @ Metropolis studios last weekend. 

    I had already tried a aftermarket cable by Music heaven from the Head-fi classifieds which was sent out from USA to UK promptly only to find out upon receiving it was a special version only wired to work with the Sony PHA amp/dacs as wiring config was different. 

      The seller only had a PHA amp/ dac at the time so did not realize himself it was a special Sony only version so the seller kindly offered me a full refund on the spot as he did not realize but I refused as it was a genuine mistake he could not foresee. 

    The same seller tried to look into getting hold of the correct Music heaven model adaptor which worked with the Hugo but it is not easy to obtain not to mention some are really marking up the price of them. Basically he drew the same blanks as me looking around in trying to obtain them. 

     So in general we kept in contact discussing other topics over time and he is now in the same vote as he recently purchased ALO CDM  so now needs the same cable and as he was just as frustrated trying to get hold of a third party cable for the Sony ZX1/2 to his new ALO CDM he decided to dissect his NWH10 Sony cable and try and convert it into a one cable solution with better quality cable and micro usb plug on end to go straight into his new ALO dac thus making the need for the crappy Sony adaptor and a normal usb cable redundant.
    Good news is he has managed to get the Sony NWH10 plug to work with a cable with micro usb on the end to work with his Sony ZX2 and ALO successfully and is willing to make some up for anyone who needs one.  

    Anyone who is interested just PM Wfanning1 and have a chat with him. 

    I am also posting this on the Mojo/ Hugo and Sony ZX2 thread as I am sure there some of us Sony owners out there who cannot get hold of these far eastern aftermarket cables that easy who really need a solution to the crappy Sony adaptor offering to go into their micro their usb dacs.  

    Here are some pics he sent me only the other day of the cable which he is classing as prototypes as he said he will be able to put different cables on with either straight or single ended usb: 
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  15. chontler

    Interesting. I have wondered about this before but don't have anything with a different connector to plug into. Thing is, they are all usb connectors one way or another, so maybe it's just a case of cutting a couple of cables up and reconnecting the appropriate ones on your connector of choice. Usb is only 4 wires iirc. You can get Walkman cables for a couple of £/$ on Amazon. I have my eye on a Herus dac. If I bite, I'll give it a go
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