Sony NWZ-A17 in Black - Excellent condition in box

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    For sale or trade is my A17 that i used sparingly over the last two months. It is a very convenient portable player, 64GB of internal storage for those like me that appreciate not having to maintain a bunch of tiny storage cards or the micro sd card slot can be beneficial for those that are storage hogs and want HUGE available capacities :)

    The sense channel is a neat feature too that requires minimal user input. Sound quality is pretty transparent but a touch warm. Output impedance is adequately low at 3 ohm.

    This is the black version, which according to what I see, comes along a little less often on the used market than the silver.

    These are in the original box and have a screen protector applied and always has. Original charge cable and rubber case are included!

    Shipping will be USPS Priority or UPS Ground from the upper midwest. I'll cover shipping, the buyer covers PayPal fees. Asking $200 OBO or trade for other headphones, dac, amp, or iem.

    Pictures coming soon.
  2. faultfracture

    *not pictured but included is the OE rubber sleve

    **note, there is a screen protector on the unit, any scratches visible are on it.

    IMG_20180715_213641.jpg IMG_20180715_213629.jpg IMG_20180715_213617.jpg IMG_20180715_213536.jpg IMG_20180715_213513.jpg
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