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Sony NWZ-A15 Volume limit removal?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by fenderfan, Nov 12, 2016.
  1. Fenderfan
    I've had my Sony A15 for about 2 years (UK retail version). I love everything about this player, it sounds great and it's lovely to use. But as most of you probably know, the volume is horribly limited (EU volume cap) I managed to get into the service menu on my old E-series walkman and turn the gain up a few notches. I cant with this one, does anyone have a service menu access instruction? I'm about to buy the exact same player again, just from a non-EU country. This seems wasteful to me, my player doesn't have a scratch on it... I don't want a headphone amp. I shouldn't have to carry another device around and I refuse to,
    Does ANYBODY have a solution to this? Maybe a firmware upgrade in Russian or something?
    I can't program things with command lines and all that, but I'm confident with tweaking settings. Yes, the AVLS limit is turned off.
    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
    (ps, I will stick with this model of player whatever happens)
  2. Fenderfan
    Little bump?
  3. Fenderfan
  4. JamesPBK
  5. JamesPBK
    You could try the US firmware and see if it helps? If it installs it may fix the problem as the devices over there have no volume cap.

    Do reply if you try it, as i'm about to buy one of these myself, and will buy one from the UK if the US firmware works.
    It such annoyance that Sony follow the EU limit so stringently, i've been wanting to upgrade my 8GB Walkman for 7-8 years now!
  6. Hherrmmann
  7. Hherrmmann
    Has anybody tried if the player can be controlled via the back - play/pause - fwd buttons of a wired headphone (CTIA standard, as often used with mobile phones)?
    This would make it much easier to control the player when I'm biking.

    Thanks, Herman
  8. Pipedown
    I own the same model (Sony NWZ-A15) EU version, I tried to look for a solution to the volume limit problem after I got it a couple of years ago but couldn't find anything and just got used to the volume level however the other day I was looking online to see if there were any new firmware updates etc and stumbled across this:


    I've now changed the destination of my player to US and the volume is uncapped (although still not as loud as I thought it might be). It looks a bit daunting at first but it was surprisingly easy to do, just follow the instructions, took me about 5 minutes!

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