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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. ttt123
    A related reason/explanation, is that (from my experience) the ZX2, WM1x, ZX300, have a TRRS separate ground implementation on the 3.5 mm output. If you plug in a cable/jack wired for 3.5mm TRRS into the 3.5 socket, the DAP will use the extra connection as a separate ground, so you will get pseudo balanced. It is not a differential balanced signal, but a separate ground is implemented for each channel, instead of the ground being common to both channels. The DAP will automatically switch to this separate ground output. So the 3.5mm output is already using the TRRS for this separate ground, so it is not available for use by a wired remote controller. There is zero chance that a wired remote using TRRS can be implemented.
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  2. dazzerfong
    EDIT: Misinformation here, explanation was indeed correct.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  3. ttt123
    The switching is done at the S-Master. Here is a quote from a review on the ZX2 https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/survey-digital-audio-players-part-3-sony-nw-zx2
    "The 3.5mm headphone out is a bit "different" in what I'll call a classic Sony move. They use separate wiring to carry left and right ground signals from the S-Master circuitry to the headphone jack, which is a 4-pole TRRS design. They claim this reduces common impedance and improves stereo separation, while cutting contact resistance in half at the jack itself. This is not to be confused with a balanced output, and it works perfectly fine with any standard 3.5mm headphone plug. Sony doesn't really make a big deal out of it and I'm not sure a lot of ZX2 users even know about this—which is why it's a classic Sony move. There's been a bit of confusion about it on the forums but I can assure you this is NOT a balanced output despite the similarities with HiFiMAN's TRRS 3.5mm balanced jack. You can plug a HiFiMAN RE600 IEM (with stock balanced cable) straight into the ZX2 and it will sound great, but it will remain a single-ended connection.
    Read more at https://www.innerfidelity.com/conte...layers-part-3-sony-nw-zx2#qEXT2Zkc40vzZFQY.99"

    I am quite sure of the above, as I took the trouble to replace the TRS jack with a TRRS jack on a Whiplash cable. As I had this cable already, I tried it on the WM1A when I got it, and it worked the same way. I can't remember if I tested it on the ZX300, but here is a discussion confirming it is the same on the ZX300. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/sony-nw-zx300.854693/page-46
    From post #682
    "3.5mm on the ZX300 is TRRS separate ground. it's confirm by Sato-san on Saturday's talk event.
    you have to remember that some headphones uses one ground wire from the plug to the Y split, which means there's a 3 feet long wire where the left and right channel shares a ground wire and can cause crosstalk. The point of separate ground is such that the left and right channel do not mix at all and has the shortest path to ground when they do meet up at the PCB."

    So for the TRRS, that is definite, as I was running TRRS on the ZX2. Whether Sony could still implement a wired remote, even so, I suspect not, but I do not know 100%, though personally, I think it highly unlikely.

    An additional speculation is that for the people who prefer the sound from SE over the 4.4 balanced, they may find that a TRRS separated ground connection on the 3.5 would be an improvement on the standard TRS. Just kind of interesting that the capability is there, but most people don't know about it, or would consider it, as the consensus is to use the 4.4mm out.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  4. dazzerfong
    Nope, you're absolutely right, apologies for that post. The other pin is 'opposite' the other 2 pins.

    In that case, that makes a lot of sense, especially with the PCB shots. However, the funny thing is that they're both grounded the same anyway, as in towards the chassis, so it's a moot point anyway unless you're working with like metres long cables in an EMC-heavy environment.

    Classic Sony indeed!
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  5. ttt123
    Similar to how people look at bi-wiring for a speaker in a home stereo set up. Electrically, looking at the schematic, there is no difference. I've tried it, and to me, it helps, just like the TRRS earphone connection helps. Other people don't believe, which is fine. Let each person choose their own poison.
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  6. geisterfaust
    First of all thanks guys for the quick response, I wasn't expecting more than one message answering my questions. Thank you!

    Tony, I've seen the 300A being sold by JoyBuy (with great reviews and recent successful purchases), the place looks legit but unfortunately for some dumb reason they don't ship to Europe... I'll try to search the internet for a place to buy it, since the price change is pretty significant compared to the 300 prices here in Spain...

    Thanks again!
  7. tonyg1
    I looked at JoyBuy because it was the only place I could see the 300A model listed (apart from used items on eBay). For the NW-ZX300A They show 497 5-star reviews and 1 1-star review (not a single 2, 3, or 4-star review). Many of the reviews included comments on long delivery times (40 days+), lack of tracking ability etc. but also urging people to trust the supplier. There were many "blank" 5-star reviews with an accompanying auto-generated comment that the customer review function times-out and defaults to 5-stars. I also checked some 3rd party review websites. They rate JoyBuy as 1-star, with many comments stating that items didn't arrive, customer service was poor, ordered items not being in stock, no refunds policy and invoices from Customs for import duty being received. There were also references to counterfeit goods received.
    It is of course only my humble opinion but based on this I personally wouldn't buy from them. It would be useful to know if anyone else on the forum has bought anything from JoyBuy and if so what their views are.
  8. peteh
    I bought a ZX300A from them a while back and although it took a while it arrived and was fine
  9. touzeen
    You could try emailing AccessoryJack.com.
    I got my ZX300 from them almost 2 years back and they had the ZX300A In stock at that time,but not available now.
    Really happy with their service and I got it shipped to India.
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  10. geisterfaust
    Tony: thanks for the message. Yes, i'm aware of that and i'm not 100% sold on buying from JoyBuy, mostly because they don't ship to Spain. I have never seen the A series being sold in any other active website, if anybody knows one I'd love to see it.

    Touzeen: Thanks for the link dude/dudette! The regular 300 series is much cheaper there than on Amazon or any other places. I'll save the link while I continue to find a place to buy it. Thank you!
  11. watchfisher
    I’ve heard many positive things about JoyBuy. Nothing to be concerned about. I’m also considering the 300A.

  12. Partlys4int
    Hey @abitdeef , remember I once contemplated getting the Sennheiser IE800S?

    Well, I've given in and bought them full-price. They're a terrific match with the ZX300, on SE and on balanced.
  13. abitdeef
    Ha ha you opened up that wallet finally :) I bet they sound amazing, always better to spend cash on iems and cans I say. Enjoy!

    I'm using 19 dollar skull candies and omg they sound amazing, what was I thinking? The resolution and sound stage and dynamics are world class.
  14. Partlys4int
    They do sound amazing; very clear, wide soundstage, yet full-bodied. Not fatuiging yet bright treble. punchy bass but controlled.

    I cannot recommend them enough really :) .

    Ofcourse after the Skullcandy's that is :wink: (but really, I use my standard Galaxy buds at my laptop often and they are quite nice considering the price. I could live on Skullcandy's probably)
  15. abitdeef
    Skullcandys are sweet! :)

    No I'm still using akt8ieii, I haven't found anything that sounds as good and fits my sensitive ears without hurting. But I'm sure the senns sound wonderful, the Germans know how to make quality cans :) And iems/headphones are the most important part of the chain, it doesn't pay to skimp.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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