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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Shane D
    I had bags of multiple tips and could not get a fit that stayed. And if it did I am guessing it would be close on air tight. You would hear Nothing else right?

    I find that with open back and even closed back I can hear someone knocking at the door or my wife raising her voice to get my attention.

    Shane D
  2. Audiophile2019
    Just completed battery marathon test on ZX300 using the following settings :-
    1) on SE 3.5mm port with bassy XBA-N1AP iem
    2) continously repeating playlist of 94 mp3/WAV/PCM tracks only (no FLAC or DSD)
    3) Direct Source ON ie. no EQ, etc etc
    4) volume at 75/120 (high gain)
    And the result as shown in pic - battery lasted 24hr 59min (799:40 minus 774:41)..
    Conclusion: no DAPs out there can beat NW-ZX300 on battery performance.. :)
  3. robulation
    So, without wanting to piss on anyone’s cornflakes about a suggested 40th anniversary DAP...

    There are other threads on here chatting about the DMP-Z1 and the ‘signature series’ being the 40th anniversary stuff.

    You have the IEMs, the headphones, the DAP (even though that £6k hunk of metal is clearly NOT really portable). That might be all we’re getting? :frowning2:

    Even this vid shows the original Walkman at the start. https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/walkman/dmp-z1
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  4. Shane D
    It must take a lot less power to drive IEM's vs headphones. Makes sense I suppose.
    Very interesting.

    Shane D
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  5. Audiophile2019
    Yes, you are right.. With a 36 ohm headphone (ATH-MSR7B) but using 4.4mm balanced port, I got 21hr 57min last month..

    But interestingly when using the same N1AP 16 ohm IEM (last month), this time with DSP (EQ, vinyl processor, etc) switched ON, I only got 13hr 15min..

    So basically, what really drains the battery is DSP (almost double the rate) where as with 4.4mm port / bigger headphones, only slightly.. :)
  6. littlenezt
    hi there, want your opinion about zx300 vs shanling m5s vs fiio m11

    purely on sound characteristic / quality (didnt care about features and streaming)

    and on this player is the battery hugely affected while using balanced?
  7. Audiophile2019
    I haven't tested Shanling.. But between ZX300 & M11, the decision is quite straight forward..

    If you prefer neutral to bright sonic signature, take M11.. It's not as crisp as AK SP1000M but considering the price, it's not bad..

    In contrast, if you like fun & warm sound with very good sub-bass & reasonable mids, go for ZX300.. It's not as good as big brother WM1Z but then again, you'll only get what you pay for.. :)
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  8. Wiljen
    Probably true, but the caveat here is that also shows how low the output power of the ZX300 really is. Don't get me wrong, I love mine, but it certainly is designed with efficient iems in mind and needs an external amp to drive most full size cans.
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  9. dazzerfong
    With the IER-M9, I'm averaging about 20 hours on V0 MP3's, balanced, 90% battery care. Volume is between 40-50 on high gain, or around 60-70 on low gain.

    On a HD700, I'm around 80/120 for single-ended high gain.

    Seems to be going OK in terms of power - not sure what power-hungry headphones people are putting through it to make them say the output is weak......
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  10. Audiophile2019
    Are yr EQ, DSEE-HX, vinyl processor, etc switched ON? Or are you using Direct Source ON?
  11. dazzerfong
    Direct sound (no DSP).

    Note that the 20 hours isn't completely flat - that's when the indicator starts blinking.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
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  12. GreenBow
    Have just been looking at micro-SD cards on Amazon. Have found stuff I don't know.

    1. Does it matter which type of micro-SD card we use. Like SDHC or SDXC. Are they all the same interface and compatibility, but different speeds? Nothing in the manual about this: it just says use micro-SD card.

    2. There are only a very few low capacity cards on Amazon. Are there any recommended brands which work. I tend to like Samsung, if I can't get what I want. Am a bit wary of Kingston at the moment. (Had quite a lot of bad Kingston RAM, and a USB drive that barely works.)

    3. Pretty sure I read people using 500GB cards. I also seem to remember a Sony page saying what the Zx300 can manage. It's not in the regular manual pages. Can anyone please remember? (I am sure someone, or Sony said up to 2TB.)

    EDIT: Am seeing that the Sandisc 200GB works fine. (Source is from Amazon questions on this ZX300. I think I have seen that in this thread also.)
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
  13. Hinomotocho
    I've always had Sandisk (from Amazon) and have had great reliability - currently using the 400gb standard one
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  14. FrankieZappa
    There you go...
  15. Hinomotocho
    I forgot to add that from my research Samsung are a respected brand for SD cards.
    As I am pushing my price range to get the maximum capacity card for my money I usually use the lower spec (speed) cards, I wonder sometimes if the the library would build faster with a faster speed card, but as it doesn't affect my listening and I don't think anyone has mentioned on here about card speeds I wouldn't worry about it - someone may have experience to say otherwise though.
    Recently the prices have dropped a lot for both the 400 and 500 cards.
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