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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. FrankieZappa
    I think you can say they are decent cans,yes....and upgrading to 4.4 makes them surely better...
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  2. mutnai
    right road.
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    I love the ZX1 form factor. The thin size does justify its capabilities since every dap released after that from Sony got “thicker” to accommodate needs for power hungry iems/headphones and battery life.
    It does play flac 24 bit unbalanced but does sound good with my Audeze i20, Weston’s 40 and the beastly EX1000.
    But one downside with the ZX100 is it’s battery life. Doesn’t hold a lasting charge like it claims.
  4. Lurk650
    Test the settings with my 58x and my BGVP DMG, I think I did notice a difference with the bass on my DMG with the DC Phase, but wasn't conclusive. I notice no changes still with any of those settings. Sticking with Direct Audio.
  5. milesjunkie
    Agree on the form factor. I think it’s pretty widely acknowledged as very underpowered though. Sony built this up (I remember clearly as I bought their hype) as their flagship into hi-res. I bought it (Japan, volume uncapped) on day 1 and it couldn’t drive my t51p at top volume. They essentially got greedy and underpowered it to drive sales of the amp they put out at the same time. If I’m gonna stack it’s by choice - I hate being forced into it.

    Happily the ZX300 has plenty of headroom to spare.
  6. JerryHead
    Uh-oh, I've run into a problem I need some help with. I've been trying to update the firmware on my ZX-300, and no matter what I do, "Unit Information" shows that I have only 0.07GB/55.93GB left on my device's System Storage, and it won't update throwing an error code that there's not sufficient space to run the update. No matter how much I delete from the device, it still shows that I have only 0.07GB remaining. I've tried transferring most of the content on my SD card, have turned the device on/off several times, and no change. Anyone run into this or have any recommendations?
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
  7. Leetransform25
    How many hours of burn-in will it take until you get an improvement in sound, and how much better does it get? Sorry for all these generic questions lol
  8. CoryGillmore
    Damn this sucks, have you tried removing the SD card? I don't know man that's a weird one. Hopefully someone here has the answer.
  9. superuser1
    Connect the device is file transfer mode and empty recycle bin.. Abracadabra!
  10. JerryHead
    I'm sorry, can you be more specific. do you mean to use the Content Transfer software? I'm not sure where it is that I should be looking for the recycle bin..
  11. superuser1
    Connect the device to the PC and empty the recycle bin of the PC

    EDIT: When you delete music while connected to the PC it goes to the recycle bin and until you empty it on the PC the free space doesn;t show up on the device. Another member had the same problem a while back and this is what exactly helped him. I hope it helps you too.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
  12. JerryHead
    Actually, I'm using a mac. And there's nothing in my Recycle Bin to delete..
  13. JerryHead
    I'm formatting the system storage to see if that might correct the issue..
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  14. JerryHead
    okay, it worked! I'm a little scared though that this is a bad sign, that it doesn't bode well for the life of my hard drive. And I only have about 51 hours on it.. Actually, for whatever reason, the SQ has improved a bit since I did the update. Better separation and soundstage..
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
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  15. Hoka Hey
    Sony recommendation is 200 hours burn in for each output. General consensus is that the 4.4 balanced is the only way to go on the zx300.

    Mine was purchased used with around 50 hours on the balanced side. At that point, a few songs sounded good, a few just ok, and some like absolute crap! Intolerably bad. I hit high gain, play all, plugged it in, and ignored it for a week. Phenomenal change! All the songs that sounded like crap sound good. Really good!

    Of course now I’m wondering if upgrading from the Campfire Audio Lyra II’s could take it up another notch........

    I’ve pretty much settled on low gain, and direct sound for most listening, at least with high quality recordings. Preserves the most detail. The upsampling and vinyl processing are fun to play with, and can certainly improve recordings that are poor to average, or odd re-mixes. I typically use type A low, Strings, and vinyl processor on standard.
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