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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. pr0b3r
    I can confirm that the ZX300 buttons work while using it as a BT receiver, at least on my OnePlus 2, which is an android phone. Even the sound enhancement features can be toggled on and off on the ZX300. I'm using Hibymusic as player on the phone.
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  2. DaejeonCitizen
    Just ordered a ZX300 for $590 with a free set of WF-1000X. Good deal?

    Is this DAP sufficient to power the MDR-Z7? This is on my shopping list due to the deals that abound after the release of the M2 version.
  3. Hinomotocho
    I owned the Z7 briefly and they could be driven ok with a phone - the ZX300's single ended output will definitely be sufficient but if you want to get the best out of them you will need to use the balanced out. The Z7 do come with a balanced cable but it is an odd twin 3.5mm jack that the PHA-3 dac/amp uses so you will need either an adapter or a whole new cable with 4.4mm. There are some low priced options on ebay or Amazon that have good reviews, or since you will save on the price of the Z7 you can go for a higher end cable which is recommended by some owners to make them really shine.
  4. davidmolliere
    Sure amazing deal!

    If you don't suffer the EU volume cap yeah that should do it for the Z7, as said above balanced would be better get a 4.4 cable, kimber cable is great :)
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
  5. Gosod
    Congratulations, you bought it at a discount?
  6. mxroadie
    Could you share this first time purchase coupon? Thank you! :ksc75smile:
  7. Marvellous_DAP
    Good price!

    Though it is reasonable as WF-1000X has dropped price quite a bit and you can find it around US$100-US$150 easily in online purchase.

    Bought my ZX300 (64GB) at US$500.
  8. ncristia
    It was a coupon when you sign up with Joybuy for your first purchase. The 300zx is out of stock but check back for it.
  9. mxroadie
    Yes, noticed the black is out of stock, silver is available though. Shall be patient.

    Signed up joybuy but aside from a introductory email, no coupon.
  10. McCol
    Used the ZX300 as a dac with my laptop yesterday. It’s a function I’ve never really bothered with in the past.

    Was very impressed if I’m honest, far better than using the laptops own dac/soundchip.

    Tried out the Tidal MQA masters and again impressed with the move up in quality from their normal Flac files.
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  11. Bepli
    The ZX300 can not decode MQA on USB DAC mode. Also Tidal MQA without decoding (even the built in first step decoding) is transparent to normal flac.
  12. McCol
    Placebo for me then:jecklinsmile:
    Didn’t realise that with MQA....oops
  13. Hinomotocho
    Happens more than we like to admit
  14. McCol
    Your not wrong there friend
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  15. domNZ
    Yeah, about 17 or so years ago, there was a really nice but small Sony store in upper Willis Street that sold their hi-fi gear. Then they moved to the centre of the city and had a great big store, with all their TVs, receivers, DVD players, and hi-fii gear. Then that closed and now I can't find a single shop here with the ZX300 in stock. I had to buy it unseen but I have no regrets.

    Thanks Gosod. Yes, it was discounted from the usual price of NZ$950. The cheapest I could find on the web would have cost me more, especially with postage and customs duties.

    I have a newbie question now. The manual says that you can't use active headphones (ie, ones with a remote control) with the balanced or SE connections, but can you use them with the Bluetooth connection? If I could change tracks and volume from a remote, I wouldn't have to fiddle with the player when I'm jogging. Thanks.
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