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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. hemipowered007
    zx300 balanced to my t50 build is just such great synergy, I am just in love with the combo t50rp build.jpg
  2. nanaholic
  3. matique
    So far so good. Receiver works great, streaming ldac from my pixel 2 xl to the zx300. OS is slightly snappier imo, sound is the same. Overall nothing is bricked and it is a great update.
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  4. Bepli
    New stuff works well I think, dont really know about the vinyl processor because I didnt really hear anything but only listened for like 30 min, the music I used might be the reason.
    Also I think cover art loading is way faster than before and the ui scrolling works better. The rest is the same I guess.
  5. Hinomotocho
    Regarding updates, I purchased mine from Accessory Jack, do I have to download a specific update for my one or can I use the one from my country's Sony website?
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  6. superuser1
    Just go ahead and update it. I bought mine from Malaysia and just updated with the fw from the Sony Japan side which @nanaholic so kindly provided!
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  7. Bepli
    Does not matter, the updates always work for all regions
  8. Hinomotocho
    Thanks for the replies - wasn't sure and didn't want a brick :cold_sweat:
  9. nanaholic
    For those who wants to display cover art for files like wav dff etc, you need to place the picture (baseline jpg or non-interlace png, no larger than 4096 px x 4096 px) in the folder and then rename the cover art file with the same name as the folder. Once you've done that it will show up.
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  10. Bepli
    Thanks, didnt actually know what was meant in the patch notes with the cover art thing. Didnt test but would be great if it would work with "cover.jpg" as a name but this is better than nothing :p Also the new Music Center redesign seems really cool, but still the same issues with japanese symbols :S
  11. Sarcasmo
    Bluetooth DAC function is a great addition.

    Playlists are now available to my unaltered ZX300 (Malaysia model) - they weren't before. Slow as hell creating a playlist though.

    Let's see how many DAC converts there will be in the WM-1A/1Z forum - it's been seen as a "meh..." type feature by many up until now :)
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  12. Panimation
    Just updated mine, noticed the OS is a tad faster than before. The bluetooth receiver feature seems simple and very straightforward with pairing with my phone (HTC U11), and no noticeable latency lag on Spotify.
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  13. alphanumerix1
    ^ 1+
    I don’t have any bluetooth headsets or speakers so can someone explain this LDAC feature for Bluetooth?
    From my understanding, is it pairing Hi Res files between both LDAC components without loss of quality? Meaning that DSD will play DSD between both sources.
  15. Panimation
    LDAC is an audio coding technology developed by Sony, which allows streaming audio over Bluetooth connections up to 990 kbit/s at 24 bit/96 kHz.
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