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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Ryokan
    Managed to get hold of a black ZX300 with 200 hours on balanced to compare with my silver un-capped ZX with approx 1000 hours on balanced - can't hear a noticeable difference admittedly didn't A-B for long as couldn't see the point.
  2. Beninnzorjp
    I'm open to the possibility that sometimes sound changes I perceive are psychological/exaggerated, but when I first got my ZX300 I tried 2 different well burnt-in XBA-Z5 and I couldn't stand them, I tired them again after 6 months and they sounded very different as the which I put down to the ZX300 burn-in.
  3. umbrellaus
    Welp, I can hear the difference, but not as much as ak320. The cable I use is the stock t8ie mark 2 cable with custom 4.4mm termination so I am not sure the cable is also one of the factors. I still cannot forget the ak320 sound signature, it's smooth and feels like pure silk. If you like bass, then I strongly recommend you to try out the a&k se100 in balanced output. I personally think the bass in se100 is strong and insane.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
  4. Mal Waldron
    I'm planning get a new DAP. I'm using Shanling M2s and iBasso Dx50 with Xduo X5 and Cayin C5 to move, mainly, a pair of Beyer DT 1990 Pro and iBasso IT01. In general, I'm pretty happy with SQ. Assuming I won't be able to use the Beyers on balanced, I wonder if it's worth making this investment on this DAP. I' don't know if this Sony dap could get everything or, at least, a lot of the potential of the Beyers.

    The other candidate could be the new iBasso dx120, as Im not interested on other devices with streaming services.

    Thank you very much!
  5. Marvellous_DAP
    Looks perfect and will check out. Thanks alot!

  6. Marvellous_DAP
    Won't grab a Poly for the price as it kind of adds bulk to the overall set for me.

    Anyway, I am still happy with the ZX300 for the portability though having the 4.4mm balanced cable with my IEM is still some kind of inconvenience when needed a 3.5mm plug. Will check out KMS108's recommendation for the adapter so that I could still use the balanced cable in flight.

    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  7. McCol
    Bought and received a ZX300 yesterday after a few years away from the walkman range. Think my last one was probably the 1060. For me there has always been something special about the Sony house sound, it probably dates back to the early eighties when family friends had a Sony separates system. It had a detailed yet warm sound that I hadn't experienced from various family members hifi's and never really experienced again for many years despite hearing some excellent systems. I've always felt that the Walkman's I have owned since the late 80's had this house sound to varying degrees's, cassette and minidisc players over the years to my ears always had this sound. The 1060 changed this a bit for me, I felt the sound had changed, a brief time with the zx1 left me feeling the same.
    After recently selling my DX200 and buying a Fiio Q5 to use with my Iphone I decided I wanted a new DAP that was just a DAP and nothing else, no streaming or apps etc etc. Looked at the new DX120 and a few others but decided to give the ZX300 a punt after reading through this thread. Got one at a good price from @Van Dam

    Used the Rockbox tool to change the EU setting and after a few hours of listening I couldn't be happier. To these old ears that old Sony sound is back, the detail is there but there is that warm kind of organic sound that doesn't feel too bassy or muddy but just sounds so musical and engaging. Technically it may not match the DX200 I owned for a few months but for putting a smile on my face it more than matches and probably surpasses anything I've heard for quite some time. Oh and it is a lovely unit to hold, very tactile and well built, with a nice easy interface.
  8. psikey
    I keep hoping a new "ZX400" will have Spotify/Tidal support in a similar form factor keeping the 4.4mm balanced.

    I sold my ZX300/DFR and Mojo after getting the LG V30+ phone and use Tidal/Spotify for 95% of my listening these days but would still love a small dedicated player like the ZX300 if they add offline Spotify/Tidal support.

    The V30 series is by far best phone audio I've ever heard and same or close to dedicated sub £500 DAP/DAC's whether using my high sensitivity SE846's or my HD660S headphones (only have these two now too).
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  9. Bepli
    Well you are not the aim customer :S
    The engineers of the new gen Walkman's always stat multiple reasons why they don't want WiFi on these players anymore.
    1. The introduced noise from more electronics.
    2. The OS limitations and the work they would need to put into it to make it work well. There own OS costs less and is easier to update.
    3. The push notifications and other stuff that are not removable. They want a music player and nothing more or less.
    Also with the introduction of the Bluetooth receiver mode in the new Update coming soon to all of the players will give you the option to stream music. Now people come and say that this reduces the quality, but the highest quality streaming would be CD quality and this works transparent with 3 options, aptx, aptx HD and Sony own LDAC. Also if you think about MQA this isn't possible because of the implementation MQA them self force on to the Phone makers.

    All in all I would say that Sony does it perfectly right now. A pure music player with great performance and everything you could wish for right now, they players even decode MQA which is proven already to be just more money making.
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  10. Bepli
    Also about MQA, everyone that buys into this crap doesn't understand what they are doing. For 99% of MQA releases it is encoded in the cloud and just put out, no special treatment and nothing changing in the mastering, also there so called "Origami" process is flawed and there "deblurring" is just a Filter which is proven to have a lot of issues for music reproducing. No one that really cares about the music should buy into that. It's a flawed lossy money making scheme and it doesn't offer any improvement. Everything they do can be done at home lossless by using a DAC that has such a filter which are not even that expensive anymore.
  11. shootertwist
    still waiting for the release of the zx300 (128gb) or the update of the current hardware's firmware... that wireless streaming via phone will be handy and looking forward to it. Would like to buy a zx300 now but until the update it cant do wireless streaming yet, would prefer to make sure the update comes hope i dont have to wait long really itching to use them, my last sony was the ZX2
  12. nanaholic
    Also don't forget that it is cost prohibitive and highly complex to maintain compatibility with n numbers of streaming apps (Tidal and Spotify aren't the only services around in the world)- even if the device itself is Android based (see AK devices and the numerous problems it has).

    Your smartphone (especially flagship phones) will always be the best platform to support streaming apps because it is going to be updated fairly regularly with the streaming app being optimised to run on them with the latest and fullest feature set, so using it as the digital transport and using the player as a DAC/BT receiver is always going to be much better experience than having your DAP (always running an outdated Android build even if it does run Android) will provide. I think it is nigh time for people to stop demanding their DAPs be streaming compatible and instead asks DAP makers to make BT receiver mode as being standard instead.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  13. pr0b3r
    I don't want to be a killjoy for you man, just want to share my experience with LG. Mine was a V20. Though your case might be different, I wouldn't wait till the same thing happens to me just like many other LG users. My V20 died all of a sudden without any warning whatsoever. It was pure stock, no malicious apps installed that I know about, it just suddenly died while I was browsing on Facebook. After some numerous web searching, I found out that I was only one of the many owners of the same phone who experienced the same thing. Most people were saying that the board has the tendency to suddenly die and stop functioning, giving you a bricked phone which is unrepairable unless you buy some replacement parts. I was really disappointed since I liked the sound of it. That's when I decided it's still better to have a dedicated DAP than to rely solely on a nice sounding smartphone. Plus, LG's screen was the worst I had in a smartphone. You may already know about the persistent issue of image retention. That's not something I would expect from an expensive phone.

    I'm glad I did not sell my DAPs to have my phone fixed or to buy a new one. Nowadays, I'm just happy with a decent smartphone and having a dedicated DAP or two for my music.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  14. Gosod
    I think it will not be soon to listen to this player in the store and then I'll write a review. bo.gif
    You can’t review a player in a store and base it as the final. Maybe on a cassette walkman.
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