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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. GreenBow
    Finally got to trying the ZX300 with AKG N40. (My ZX300 has no running-in time on it.)

    It sounds good. After listening to the £1800 Chord Hugo, you have to be realistic. (Chord Hugo 2 is multiple award winner, and widely regarded as best in class.)

    The ZX300 puts on a good performance though. I have found it is particularly strong at playing classical. Right now I have Vivaldi's Four Seasons playing. To be honest I am finding it hard to believe that I am listening to a portable. It's so rounded.

    I have been playing some other tunes but have mostly been wrangling with settings. Meaning I have not really been critically listening. However even after being used to the Hugo 2, I find it engaging with other types of music too.

    I imagine it will probably not better the Chord Mojo either. I think the Mojo will have just a bit more clarity and grip. It's been a while since I listened to the Mojo though. Plus I have not listened to my AKG N40 with it yet.


    I am having a maybe issue with the ZX300 though. If I play a track at the end of an album, or an album. When the last album track is played, it moves onto playing the next album. Surely it should not do that! ... Please can someone tell me if that is how it is? Or if there is a setting I can alter.

    I really expected it to stop playing after an album completed. Like any media player on a PC.

    Actually this continuation of playing one album after another was how I got onto Antonio Vivaldi - Four Seasons. It was because I had just listened to the last track of an Ami Stewart album. .. Just had to keep listening though, because the classical was a bit stand out.

    Then you get, Bob Marley - I Wanna Love Ya, after Antonio Vivaldi. (Ha.)
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  2. Lookout57
    Default is:
    Settings -> Playback Settings -> All Range
    change to
    Settings -> Playback Settings -> Selected Range
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  3. larzy
    I have no problems driving the ZX300 with the Z1R with either the stock cables or the Sony Kimber cables. I've bought the Sony PHA-2A portable amp which enhances the sound further, but not to the extend that it's a must-buy. I find the music on both 1Z and ZX300 walkmans quite good with the balanced cable directly running the walkman.
  4. marvin3003
    @GreenBow you think the chord mojo sound better than zx300. Is that with zx 300 in se mode?
    How do you think the mojo compares to zx300 in balanced mode?
  5. GreenBow
    Thank you very much. Done.

    Yes I am listening single-ended, with AKG N40 (in ear). I do not have a balanced cable.

    It's probably not fair to judge the ZX300 against the Chord Mojo yet, since my ZX300 has only two hours play. Apparently Sony and everyone here recommends 200 hours burn-in.

    I did however have a listen to the Mojo last night after posting here. The Mojo is a clear league ahead of the ZX300. That is no criticism, because the Chord Mojo was rated best DAC up to £1000 at one point. Only being bettered by the Chord 2Qute priced £1000.

    The ZX300 needs running in, and everyone prefers the balanced performance. .. It's worth noting that Chord do not offer balanced outputs on Mojo or other DACs. It's because the balanced signal is to solve a problem not inherent in Chord DACs. Something to do with how their differently designed DACs are manufactured. Meaning effectively competing against a Mojo is competing against the effect of a balanced sound from any other DAC.

    Comparing the Mojo to my two hour run-in ZX300. .......... The Mojo has better timing, and much more grip. More than I expected in comparison. Sounds have more clearly defined edges, and more texture. Adding edges and clarity to notes with the Mojo does not reduce tonality. The Mojo stands with the ZX300 on that, although the ZX300 is just a miniscule-fraction richer sounding.

    However I expect the ZX300 to improve, as everyone states it improves on detail level and clarity with burn-in. Once that happens, I expect the ZX300 to be seriously good. Plus going balanced from what I understand improves dynamics and liveliness to, so some better detail and grip.

    Again I profess, this is not a criticism of the ZX300. I really wanted a portable music solution. My other portable solutions are iPod Shuffle 3rd gen, at £50. (Good sounding, but not ZX300 sounding. A pain to use though.) Also I have a Pure portable DAB radio, (which sounds surprisingly excellent with my new AKG N40.) .... The ZX300 will provide a better portable sounding solution, with a screen. It can also work as a file source for Mojo or Hugo2.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  6. GreenBow
    By the way, I find the ZX300 loud enough with 20 ohm, in-ear AKG N40.

    No need to go Chinese language. I think I may be going past the EU volume cap. I think that came in at about level 75 on volume, but I go to level 65- 5 volume. Any more than that and the ZX300 starts to get loud.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  7. duaned
    What is this "SE" mode you are referring to?
  8. kms108
    SE is not a mode, it's the connector.
  9. Redcarmoose
    3.5mm “SE” Single ended as different from 4.4mm balanced.
  10. geagle
    @GreenBow tbh, I don't like my ZX300(a) all that much in single ended mode (while I REALLY like it in balanced mode). It's not that the single ended output is BAD, but it's nothing particularly special (IMO, at least). Balanced, the ZX300 is a lot better (still IMO, of course, but it's also shared by quite a lot of other people, I think - it's not so much the difference in power, but that the balanced circuits of the ZX300 are very similar to its older and bigger siblings, while the SE got more sacrificed, in downsizing - at least, that's my understanding). And the ZX300 does get better with time.

    So if you're comparing your 2-hour old SE output with the Mojo, yeah, it's definitely NOT the best user case to judge the ZX300 on :) .
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  11. se7en7
    Quick question should I be able to connect the Zx300 to my phone via Bluetooth and stream music across from phone to Zx300.
    Basically I've tried to get the Zx300 to see my phone but it can't only my wireless earphones etc.
  12. nanaholic
    That option is not available yet, it will be implemented in the next firmware update which will be released in October.
  13. se7en7
    Brilliant many thanks for that I read a few pages on here and couldn't see so thank you.
    That is excellent regarding next firmware very impressed with the nw Zx300 thus far.
  14. GreenBow
    I have noticed issues with the ZX300. .. If anyone has any advice I would be pleased to hear it.

    1. The touch control is extremely hit and miss. Most times I need to tap twice or three times. (I very nearly put it back in its box last night.) Today I was pressing six times to get a response.
    Then when I am scrolling down my artists list, it keeps contacting and popping-up with, 'do I want to add to playlist'. (Working when I don't want it to.)

    2. I turns itself on when I connect to a PC to charge. I turn it off, and it immediately turns itself back on. Same when I put the cord into a USB charger, to charge. Turns itself on. I turn it off, and it turns itself on. It will turn itself on as many times as I turn it off. How stupid having to have it on during charging; it's just a waste of electricity. I have never seen another device do that.

    3. It can't handle maintaining order of albums with guest artists. E.g. The Tina Turner album called, All The Best. (Compilation album with guest singers.)

    Under Artists, I will a listing for Tina Turner, and inside that file is all the tracks that Tina sings by herself. .. The problem is that any duet with Tina Turner will be taken from that folder. It makes a new 'Artist' album listing.
    You get:
    Tina Tuner > All The Best > most of the songs on album
    Ike and Tina Turner > Nutbush City Limits, River Deep Mountain High.
    David Bowie and Tina Turner > Tonight.
    Bryan Adams and Tina Turner > It's Only Love
    Eros Ramazzotti and Tina Turner > Cose della vita

    In other words it creates four new album listings under Artists, in alphabetical. Bryan Adams and Tina Turner, David Bowie and Tina Turner, Eros Ramazzotti and Tina Turner, Ike and Tina Turner. .... Then of course Tina Turner further down the artists list.

    Whereas what should happen is the following tracks should all be inside Tina Turner. Nutbush City Limits, River Deep Mountain High, Tonight, It's Only Love, Cose della vita.
  15. Bepli
    1. My touchscreen works flawless.
    2. Doesn't bother me, I only charge when I sync so that goes hand in hand with me.
    3. Could be multiple reasons, first check that you sort artists by album artist in the settings, because the album artist should be tina turner for all files, if it's still not doing properly your files are tagged wrong. My stuff is tagged properly and is listed properly on the player.
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