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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Erfan Elahi
    Hi, just updated to 1.1 firmware. I see the 'CUE Sheets' menu has been added. But when go to the list of cue sheets available, any file I try to open, it says "no songs available". Are these CUE sheets need to be in any specific config? How can I play directly CUE sheets to split whole Flac tracks? They works fine on my Win10 with VLC player.
  2. knudsen
  3. shamrock134
    Finally had a chance to listen to my new ZX300.:L3000: Does it have to create its database every time it turns on? It takes quite a while with a fully loaded 400GB card.:triportsad:

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  4. purk Contributor
    Nope, not every single time.
  5. Beninnzorjp
    Mine creates database every start up, shouldn't it do that?
  6. Signal2Noise
    Mine creates db with every power on as well. I only use a 200GB about 1/3 full so time is not an issue. I can see this being a problem as Shamrock mentioned for a full 400GB which I plan to do soon too.
  7. geagle
    Mine does the same... workaround is just don't power it off, just turn it it off while leaving it in standby... I don't see any appreciable battery depreciation, that way. At least, that's what I do :)
  8. shamrock134
    I have no idea how it works in the device but In my mind, once the database is "created" following changes (i.e adding songs) it shouldn't need to be re-created until there are further changes? I'll have to remember to turn it on several minutes before I intend to use it! :/

    So you disable 'Auto Power Off' ?
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2018
  9. Beninnzorjp
    The ZX100 used to power off automatically after 24 hours if it hadn't been used, I don't know about the ZX300
  10. abitdeef
    Disable auto database update. And you didn’t need to turn the unit off if you don’t want to turn off auto off and it will go into standby automatically after use.
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  11. Beninnzorjp
    I can't seem to find that setting - Japanese only setting maybe?
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2018
  12. Hanafuda
    As I stated in the post you quoted, the BCR-NWH10 enables digital out, including high-res digital out. Digital out means not analog, i.e. the BCR-NWH10 is intended to be used in conjunction with a Sony DAP as transport to a DAC/AMP. You could interject a DAC in between the zx300 and your Hafler amp, but you wouldn't really be listening to the zx300 anymore.

    I ended up buying the WM1A and Z1R. They're a great pair. I had thought about the possibility of buying the ZH1ES amp later, and using the WM1A as a transport with the BCR-NWH10 cable, but ended up not buying the cable. I don't really want a stationary place in my house to which all my listening would be anchored. Maybe someday I'll change my mind, but if that happens I'll buy a proper source to pair up with a DAC/AMP.
  13. jonathane40
    Thanks! You have clarified my doubt. I didn't know if the digital signal being sent out of the zx300 had to go through an external DAC before an Amp. As I understand it now, if i send the digital signal from the zx300 to an Amp without using an external DAC it would work. if i were to send it to an external DAC and then to an Amp then the zx300 won't impart any of it's character on the sound but the external DAC will.

    I am mainly planning on outputting the digital signal from the iMac to the amp or amp/dac. But I also wan't to be able to use the zx300 in a pinch. Sometimes it's easier to navigate on the zx300 than on the computer! So far I'm leaning towards the RME ADI-2 DAC because it is quite powerful for full headphones and it also has a special output for IEM!
  14. geagle
    Correct, my "Auto power off" (on Device Settings) is set to "Off".

    I have not found a setting to just disable the auto update of the database, either (and my unit is a ZX300A, set to japanese region so as the manage playlists better). If one is found (or if anybody points me to the right one - maybe it's named as something not obviously related?), it'd probably be a better workaround. But, in my own real life usage, I really don't see much downside in just leaving the player on standby, tbh
  15. crabdog
    No offence intended, but you must be using some downright horrible music software.
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