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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. pororom
    I am interested in this player but I have to clarify a fundamental doubt about the power output of headphone jacks (both unbalanced and balanced).
    I am currently using a Shanling M2S with an output impedance of 4.8 ohms and the result is good at the sound power level.
    Does Sony NW-ZX300 output impedance offer more output power than the Shanling M2S?

    I use the following Iems and headphones:
    JH Audio Michelle
    JH Audio Rosie
    Denon AH-D7200 (impedance of 32 but likes the loud volume)

    I'm a bit deaf and I like to listen at a high volume.
    I suppose that with JH there should be no problem but with the Denon I do not have anything clear.
    The power of the Sony NW-WM1A is much higher to pay the difference in price or not worth it?

    Can you clarify my doubts please?
  2. Hinomotocho
    I have used the delete folder option 3 or 4 times - I will avoid this as a precaution.
    I frequently add new music via drag and drop which I prefer instead of the constantly having to go through the process of removing the card, I have always been concerned that the mount/unmount process may cause a problem.
  3. Hinomotocho
    I have the Denon D7000 but can only use it single ended which gets you ok volume but it doesn't sound satisfying.
    As the D7200 can change cables to go balanced they will probably sound better but I don't think the ZX300 can make them shine like a dac/amp with more power.
    I don't really like the sound of my D7000 so when I am in Japan at the end of the year I will try the D7200 or the MDR-Z7 so I can upgrade cables and go balanced.
  4. knudsen
    Output power is 2x50mW in SE but 2x200mW in balanced. Sounds like a big difference to me, 4 times more?
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  5. Hinomotocho
    Yes it is but even though the Denons look relatively easy to drive based on specs there are comments on other threads about them requiring quite alot of power to sound their best. I wish I could try mine balanced to see what the power difference does but there is no detachable cable and I don't have the skills to reterminate.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
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  6. Hinomotocho
    For those of you looking for portable overhead options, there is the new Denon D1200 you may want to consider. I've just seen them, so spec-wise I don't know how they compare with the MDR-1AM2 and Audio Technicas.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
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  7. superuser1
    I was actually thinking of getting a 1AM2 but a few people have been really scathing about the materials used, perhaps the D1200 would prove to be better in that department.
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  8. crabdog
    The UI is not perfect and the external DAC lag issue is a bItch but I f****g love this thing. Sound from the balanced output is brilliant.
  9. Hinomotocho
    I love my XBA-Z5 but I'm considering whether to open a can of worms and get a new pair of overheads (which means more money for upgrade cable and perhaps dac/amp etc). If I don't like the Z7 I have those 1AM2 in mind.
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  10. superuser1
    Great idea. I have the Micro BL so my immediate concern is not a DAC. I would like to try a light weight over the ear just to compliment my 99C a bit. I am looking for a $500 - $700 iem to use balanced with the zx300, r3 and SE on Micro BL.
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  11. crabdog
    I would recommend the DUNU DK-3001. It's an incredible IEM for the money but you'd really want to audition it before buying as some people have reported comfort issues. As far as sound goes it is the bomb. The iBasso IT04 is also meant to be very good but I haven't heard it myself. On the other hand, at the price range you mentioned, you could also get yourself a nice CIEM.
  12. Redcarmoose
    I recently found the Z7 as an open-box for $360 at a Sony store. I don’t have the ZX300, but it sounds good from the 1A and somehow way better from the 1Z. The MUC-B20SB1 brings the 4.4mm to the Z7 3.5mm plugs in balanced. Though the Z7 can show it’s issues with the wrong amps. It’s true the Z7 can get into the Z5 IEM territory with TA-ZH1ES amp power removing the under power issues. Underpowered the Z7 will produce the bad qualities you read about in the negative reviews of them.

    PHA-3 could maybe be another Sony solution for it but have not heard it. Though lucky the double 3.5mm balanced cable set up that the Z7 comes with works perfect with the PHA-3, which saves $. It may be that the PHA-3 is one product made for the Z5 IEM and Z7 Flagship?
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
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  13. superuser1
    Yes i have tried the Dk3001 and i am sad to report the fit is exactly the opposite to the sound. I was floored with the sound and hit in the face hard by the fit :D
    i am trying to avoid a ciem at this point and will see if i can get to audition the it04 somewhere. And thank you for the suggestions.
  14. crabdog
    Sorry, now that you mentioned it I already knew you had the DUNU! Besides, in a few days time, you'll be able to audition a boatload of IEMs right? :D
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  15. superuser1
    To be honest i cant wait :D
    may set up temporary camp on the 14th floor :p
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