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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. geagle
    I got one to Italy from Joybuy with absolutely no problems (but it's not UK, of course). For just £70 more, though, I believe that I would probably go with the 64 GB version instead of the 16GB one, tbh... plus, if anything happens, getting your player serviced should be easier, possibly, if bought locally (nothing happened to my Joybuy one, and I'm VERY happy with it, especially compared to a full price ZX300 - just pointing out possibilities).
  2. peteh
    I got one from Joybuy for around £278 think I paid some vat can’t remember how much but was a lot cheaper than the £460 cheapest price for a uk one at the time and comes without a volume cap. I only have apple so can’t unlock that. Also black is nicer imo. Plus using 400gb card so memory not an issue. I think the tax issue is luck of the draw.
  3. peteh
    Campfire audio andromedia, Akg k5005 beyer dynamic zelento Lyra 2, a and k roxanne all excellent.
  4. Erfan Elahi
    I am ordered a second hand 16 GB ZX-300 version (looks new, no scratches, got previous owners proof of purchase slip and warranty card) for 298 USD from Taobao. They don't ship internationally, but got a friend in China he will be shipping for me. I will upload pics once I get them. Yes, I see on Joybuy it's now 370 USD, but with that $70 savings, I ordered a 256 GB SD :p
  5. Original jungle
    i listen to loads of DnB and Pendulum's - The Reworks album sounds incredible & Camo & Krooked Mosik is a sonic masterpiece
  6. knudsen
    I ordered the A from joybuy for 379$. A week or so later it was on sale for 359$, and there was a period of 24 hours where it was down to 349$. So I wrote them on the chat support and said I had'nt even received the item and now it was much cheaper, and they quickly offered to return me the difference if only I would contact them again after I received it. Which they later did. So you'll get it at the lowest price during the shipping period (around 4 weeks for me), if only you'll look out for the price:smile_phones:

    Besides I did'nt pay taxes (not in the UK though, but that is quite unusual here). Since I had ordered a whole bunch of cheap packages from Aliexpress that arrived around the same time, my guess is that someone in customs said: don't use any more time on this guys packages, everything is just worthless crap :jecklinsmile:
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  7. Teryon
    Has anybody bought from japan, with amazon direct, or zenmarket ?
  8. peteh
    I bought from Amazon Japan direct very early on but was unable to reset the language for some reason so returned it.
  9. Teryon
    Did you get any Tax on arrival ? where are you from ?
    I forgot to say I from france looking to buy a japanese model, but trying to avoid getting 20% tax on arrival.
  10. peteh
    Amazon Japan charge the duties and tax upfront so yes.
  11. kms108
    To re-terminate a cable with pentaconn cost 6000 yen for one, I'm not sure if they will do it for you if you bring your own plug, but bringing your own cable is ok, I had three cables done at 6000 yen a piece for labour cost, and the three right angle pentaconn was purchased from them, two cable was my own and one came with the IEM I purchased from them on the same day.

    They will normally tell you a few days to complete, but if you are in a rush, you can ask them if they can do it on the same day, which takes about 3-4 hours, but in theory, it should only take about 20-30 minutes. Most important, is whether they have the plugs in stock.

    hope this helps.
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  12. kms108
    I think it depends on where amazon has to ship the package. When I purchase from Amazon Japan, Tax is automatic deducted on the payment page, so cost for me is 8% cheaper than the advertised price when stated on the description/item page. and for my country, we don't pay tax.
  13. peteh
    Yes Amazon will automatically charge VAT for EU countries and deduct the Japanese sales tax.
  14. kms108
    probably correct for countries who does charge tax.
  15. Hinomotocho
    Thank you for that helpful info. As I don't have the skills to do it myself and I don't know of a capable service in my country, knowing this service is available to me when I'm there opens up my options alot.
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