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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. yomiura
    I bought ZX300 together with MDR-1ABP. MDR-1ABP is a 40 ohm headphone which ZX300 can drive it just fine at high gain but I need to set a volume a bit higher......maybe around 60-70.

    On the contrast, Audeze LCD2C is a 70 ohm headphone if my memory serves. So...well......I doubt ZX 300 could drive it alone. Maybe PHA-3 could be of help in this case though.

    Edit: I missed your part that you dont want to carry a separate dac/amp. You can ignore my PHA3 for a solution but you probably get the idea now. Hope you can find a satisfy solution soon.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
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  2. applepro
    Yes is like my 64audio a2e 60 ohms I need to put it on the max (not balanced)
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
  3. Mathieulh
    I can drive my 300ohm Senmheiser HD650 just fine on the NW-ZX300 through high gain. Just saying...
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  4. Signal2Noise
    Agreed! Pure synergy with this combo.

  5. Hinomotocho
    Sometimes for headphones the specs may appear adequate or you can get the volume to a decent level, but they may not be driven satisfactorily eg Denon D7000 are fairly low ohm but seem to require more power to, in someone else's words "physically get the driver moving"
  6. Hinomotocho
    Are you intending to try these with a balanced cable?
  7. Signal2Noise
    When I can find a proper one, yes. I have a Null Audio Lune MKIV balanced but the connectors aren't quite right in fit.
  8. hemipowered007
    Wait until you go balanced, it's a nice difference. I'm in absolute love with the combo. Its my portable dream thus far
  9. Hinomotocho
    I briefly owned the EX800ST and considered a balanced cable before selling. There are a few sites offering balanced cable customization for the EX series, or the connectors if you have the DIY skills.
  10. kms108
    So far most of the custom cables don't fit the EX800, and using the EX800 on SE on the ZX300, is worst than using a smartphone, I have all three EX series monitor IEM and only the EX600 and EX1000 on balances works perfect.

    The problem with the EX800, no one knows for sure if the stock cables can be terminated to balanced.
  11. Signal2Noise
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  12. kms108
  13. hemipowered007
    I also did it to mine, it's not too hard.
  14. hemipowered007
    Meant to reply to Signal2Noise.
  15. Hinomotocho
    I'd bought them cheap secondhand at e*earphone to make a few $$ selling back home. Funny you said they don't sound great with the ZX300 - I was disappointed with how they sounded out of the SE, that's why I was wondering about going balanced. Also I didn't like the fit.
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