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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. yomiura
  2. superuser1
    Just got a fiio 4.4mm adapter and sadly its a tad bit bad QC.
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  3. yomiura
    Have you check out the two links below? One of them has information about creating a correct directory folder for lyric. I never care for lyric so this is the best I could help you. Have fun.
  4. yomiura
    I can't put any words here.........................................:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
  5. kms108
    Is it just the screen protector damage, or the main glass.

    You need something like this. I purchased one, I have to see how it goes.

    Screenshot_20180613-181553.png Screenshot_20180613-181534.png
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
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  6. kms108
    Same thing, it's a improved version, i also have the same one, the problem with the port cover is it won't stay closed, so they moved it to the bottom, from the side.
  7. Blommen
    Thank you guys for your sympathy :)

    It is the main screen, I have no screen protector on...

    I guess the word on the back of my cover is correct :beyersmile: :
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  8. kms108
    :cry::cry::cry: not cheap to replace, expect about USD 130-150.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
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  9. Blommen
    To make things worse, this is a k-modded unit... Oh well, it can't be changed so, just to illustrate that glass protectors are useful :)
  10. kms108
    If you can get the screen, there is a repair manual available somewhere.
  11. ailean
    Bummer, don't think any screen protector will help for cracks, only scratches, you'd need some sort of full cover armour case (or drive a tank rather then moped). :wink:
  12. Blommen
    Interesting... I might look for it at some point but as I said, it functions perfectly, it's only visually annoying.
  13. Sarcasmo
    That’s so harsh - but as you say it still works and, more importantly, so do you.

    I’m more afraid of trashing one of my CIEMs - really have to start using a good but cheap pair of universals when I’m travelling...!
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  14. Dizzle77
    Cheers. Might stick with the Amazon one though as it will arrive a lot sooner. Don't fancy waiting a few weeks with a naked zx300

    Ideally i'd go for a leather case though, however I don't really want to pay more than £40. I can see the Miter one is available on Amazon for that price, but I'm not keen on the extra bulk that the stand adds. Any recommendations?
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
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  15. jafnvaegi
    Unsure if anyone posted about these yet but the new Acoustune cables are available on AJ:


    I just received the ARC13 a few days back and it's great, I love the Pentaconn right-angle jack and the cable is the newer style that is softer / more flexible. Very high quality and durable feeling cable and I have a good, secure fit with minimal microphonics. The ARC23 (also ARC22/ARC21 for 2.5 TRRS / 3.5 TRS) is the new 2-pin variant. These come in a less compact but nice metal & foam lined case (it's essentially a smaller version of the box case the Acoustune IEMs come in) as opposed to the previous plastic packaging with the leather case. I'm not sure if there is any difference between ARC03 and ARC13 cables themselves as I have not used the former, it may just be different accessories based on what I've seen online. The price on the ARC03 went down though which is nice, these are probably the best deal for a high quality Pentaconn cable out there and the included cases are a nice touch.
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