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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. lordlui96
    Is the Joybuy Version (ZX300A) Capped or Uncapped ?
  2. Shane D
    I wondered about that. If true that means, money wise, they are head to head with Fiio X7ii.

    My thinking is that Sony has the better sound and is not buggy.

    However, if it is not available, or ridiculously hard to find, I might end up with Fiio.

    Shane D
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  3. larzy
    It doesn't have the volume limit and supports High Gain out of the box :)
  4. kms108
    Not to mention, there is support for remote control as well.
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  5. mrellan
    Hi all. I really don’t understand how to read lyrics on zx300... I put the text in flac via aimp but the player doesn’t see it... But this works with mp3... Help please
  6. hemipowered007
    Wait, lyrics? Do you mean artist/album/song title? If so it's the tagging system, how did you load the SD card? I've had issues like this on my fiio x3i before but drag and drop in windows 7 worked perfect for the zx300. Is that what you were referring to?
  7. yomiura
  8. hemipowered007
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  9. yomiura
    Dude, we are at the same age. Don't be discouraged. Catching up technology is a lot of fun if you keep learning and reading at your own pace.
  10. mrellan
    I read this, and did this before. Doesn’t work. LRC files should look like:
    [00:00:08] La
    [00:00:10] La la la
    [00:00:12] La

    If I put just a text to LRC, the player doesnt see anything except the first line. The lyrics will be look like:

    It's all.
  11. OK-Guy
    looks like you're in 'La La Land'... :wink:
  12. Dizzle77
  13. kms108
    I have one, got it about the same time the zx300 was released, haven't used it yet.
  14. Blommen
    Took a bad fall with my moped a couple of days ago:cry: Still fully functional but oh so annoying!


    I got some bruises too
  15. superuser1
    Ouch! Take care mate.
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