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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Qrays34
    The sharp and piercing high should be fixed with a proper burn-in. The zx300 sound signature changes vastly after the burn-in, and I love the way it becomes better and better the more you listen to it haha.
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  2. cthomas
    I expected so. Just doesn't feel quite warmed up yet.
  3. kms108
    How is the Acoustune cable, they were the first company to release a CIEM with a pentaconn plug, and also the first to release a ready made cable with right angle pentaconn plug, also very cheap.
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  4. kms108
    Not really, not very good at describing these terms, all I know is they produce more bass than I need, but they are very clear. You can also consider the Acoustune that Cthomas has posted, they are really cheap.
  5. linux4ever
    Yes. Sony zx300 and Wm1a need burn-in and the sound signature changes with it.

    Campfire Audio Comet pairs so very well with Zx300 (more so than Wm1a, which is good but not to the extent of Zx300). The sound stage is quite wide. The darn thing is single BA and is only $200. Well done Campfire Audio.
  6. cthomas
    Yeah the OFC plug by itself is around half the price of the whole cable haha.

    Definitely built like a tank this thing. Looks better in person but it has a translucent black shielding so you can see the OFC beneath... really digging the black/black look too :wink:


    Can't really compare the sound as it's my first upgrade cable. No static when twisting the plug or connectors so that's good enough for me lol. Also it's a really nice feeling cable which sounds weird to say. But it's kinda soft plastic they use.

    Cons: Not really. Some microphonics but not that bad. Don't notice it when walking around at all.

    A little stiff but again definitely fine with me considering it's much thicker than anything I've owned previously.

    Kinda wish it had memory wire, due to the thickness it can be a slight issue when looping around the ear.

    I think this cable will last due to how well it's made. Definitely recommend.
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  7. kms108
    Yep, it's a nice cheap cable, especially for those who want to start going into 4.4mm plug, they should offer availability for ear hook and without, but you can convert it, just use a wired or a bendable plastic and use those cable shink wrap, it should work, but as you said, the cable is a little thick and stiff.

    Does the cable have a model number, the cable has been released along time, but it's not mentioned in their site.
  8. cthomas
    It's the Acoustune ARC03.

    Yeah it was really between this and the Sony Kimber but I've seen some pretty shocking tear-apart pics of those.
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  9. Youghin
    Cheap materials ?
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  10. kms108
    Cheap does not mean cheap material, this is a japanese company, and their iem has always been good, this cable uses the pentaconn right angle plug which is the most expensive you can get, costing 10800 yen alone.

    I have 3 of these plug reterminated and the quality are great.
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  11. cthomas
    The Kimber? Just looked dodgy wiring underneath the black y-splitter.
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  12. cthomas
    Yes, the entire cable has the same quality feel. I also have the Sony balanced PHA-3 cable (non-kimber) which cost me about the same price as the ARC03. I know which I'd prefer.

    I would say the Acoustune is priced more than fairly. Pretty sure the case you get is real leather too. I think the Kimber is just overpriced for what you get, like a lot of upgrade cables.
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  13. kms108
    I've seen the photo, but I won't consider it to be that bad, there is a reason for that, as the cable is consider really thick and once the Y splitter is sealed, even with force, the cable is really strong.

    I actually have the MUC-M12SB1, I think I purchased it from Jaben Malaysia for about USD73 over a year ago, and I still have it.
    The only bad thing about it, is the size of the 4.4 plug.

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  14. kms108
    I have just checked the price of the Acoustune ARC03 sold in Hong Kong and Japan, Japan is cheaper by 4213 yen, approximate USD 38.23, the price is quoted from Amazon Japan without Tax, items sold from Amazon Japan shipped Hong Kong is Tax Free.
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  15. superuser1
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