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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. jdgszorro
    Change the computer and perfect ... I can SET "E off" and get Spanish Language and uncapped volumen. PERFECT
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  2. superuser1
    what LDAC HPs are you guys using with the zx300? any BT mmcx modules with LDAC, i couldn't find any off the bat.
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  3. hemipowered007
    I realized today the previous owner had some sound settings changed around. Honestly I like how it sounds with the things changed, I have been switching back and fourth to direct and other things on my ex1000. Anyone use the eq and sound adjustments? The ex1000 takes nicely to the changes, not sure how well other iems or hps adapt. I also noticed, the volume difference between setting it to high gain and normal was minimal, which I found quite odd. Could there be another setting messing with volume? It's a u stock zx300 so I don't think there's a volume cap or anything.
  4. nanaholic
    Sony's own LDAC mmcx BT cable MUC-M2BT1
    Or Audio Technica's LDAC capable portable BT DAC/amp receiver: AT-PHA55BT
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  5. hung031086
    Just got a glass screen protector and a tpu case on amazon. Not bad at all, even the case come with a firm screen protector and a hand strap.
    Btw waiting for my 4.4mm cable for my Atlas.
    20180518_114641.jpg 20180518_114327.jpg 20180518_114241.jpg
  6. Hanafuda

    That looks great. I've bounced back and forth between the ZX300 and the WM1A .... buying stuff next month in Japan. And while I have entertained a number of different case options on the ZX300, with the WM1A the obvious choice was always the TPU. Before your post I hadn't seen such a case on the ZX300. Very smart looking, obviously effective for the job, and you can still see the device. It does remind me of some murky childhood memories of being at my grandmother's house in the early 70's though, vinyl covers on the sofa and chairs.

  7. GreenBow
    Yeah thank you. I wasn't going to do the USA purchase, because it was too much money.

    I think if I can turn off the EU volume limiter, I'd be OK. it should be loud enough for normal use. ... I remember some advice I read about volume on portable mucic players I once read. Don't turn up the DAP to drown out other noise around you. I mean we all do it if we need to, like when using non isolating ear/head-phones. Then go walking next to a noisy road. However I am always careful about how much extra volume I use. .... Therefor I think the ZX300 will be loud enough, or with the EU limeter off at least.

    The only situation where I would need more volume might be with high impedance headphones. Although some folk, I read here, are saying the ZX300 sounded better at all volumes with limiter cap removed all together.

    I really need a DAP badly though. I am fed up with my iPod Shuffle. I hate iTunes so much that I don't even put more music onto my Shuffle. ... I have a Chord Mojo, and a Poly would be ideal. However £500 for an SD card player is a bit rich. Plus as yet, I don't have a smartphone to run Poly. Then, there are so many people having issues with Poly that I am not happy to buy into it.

    A ZX300 does work with Mojo too, if I wanted to do that sometimes. ... The only caveat left, is if the ZX300 has a replacable battery. That would probably seal the deal, as I like replacable batteries in gadgets. Meaning I don't have to throw them away, once the battery starts losing storage capacity.
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  8. Hinomotocho
    It is the vinyl cover that allowed the beauty of that mustard colour to shine through.
    It sometimes feels wrong to cover such a beautiful device, but I know that sometime in the future I will be drawn to a new model, and to justify the upgrade I'll need to extract as much value from selling the old one as I can, so keeping it mint works for me. I would like a clear case but the black Musashino one had the best grip and protection at the time I needed one.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
  9. equalspeace
    Damn, this DAP is really great. Def more laid back in the treble regions than the WM1A, but still very detailed. Haven't even had to touch the 10 band EQ at all. I am using the DC phase Linearizer, and Standard A works nicely with HD6XX. Listening with the Fidue adapter on balanced. It is heavenly at only 15 hours of burn-in. This will be a listen while burning in affair it seems.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  10. Youghin
    does anyone know how to fix the latency when music video is played in DAC mode?
  11. kms108
    Yep, Contact sony for a fix in the next update.
  12. Youghin
    seriously? have you contacted Sony?
  13. kms108
    I don't even use it, if anyone can fix it, its Sony.
  14. cthomas
    I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed yet considering there's already been an update. Maybe they do it on purpose because of the pha2a?

    High gain with vol at 50? What's the advantage of doing this? I'm assuming battery will last longer with gain off.
  15. kms108
    I presume the DAC is mainly used for audio only, according to Sony, that way you won't notice the delay with audio/video, someone will probably need to address this issue with sony.
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