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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. GreenBow
    Funny thing is, when What HiFi reviewed the Zx300, they only ran it in for a day or weekend. It might have reviewed better if they had run it in for longer.

    Not criticising What HiFi though, because how could they have known it needed 200 hours. 200 hours is an unusually long time.
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  2. kms108
    Its best not to trust what's hi-fi on this, all the experts are here.

    BTW Whats hifi review s are always biased.
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  3. Ryokan
    Listening with volume around 52, high gain, flac files, no equaliser (or other settings turned on), managed to scrape 15 hours.
    I suppose that's fairly decent but was hoping for around 20.
  4. equalspeace
    Listened on both 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm after unboxing.

    I usually leave these Sony DAPs playing overnight in to the day until they drain out, recharge while continuing to burn-in when I'm back from work in the evening, and then start the process over again up to 100 hours. I do the rest of the burn-in while listening. 100 hours was enough in the past to begin enjoying the WM1As I owned. Maybe I don't even need to do that with this DAP. I found with the WM1A the additional hours seemed to tame the treble somewhat. But the ZX300 sounded so balanced across the spectrum that I may just be able to listen and burn in without waiting. I'll have to see if the sound changes at all when I get back tnite.
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  5. Chik0240
    That’s nice, how do you compare the two? I am planning to get this and use 3.5mm mostly. Not sure is it worth the extra compared to the a45
  6. The Fife Flyer
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  7. The Fife Flyer
    The volume limiter is a different thing altogether and can be turned on or off.

    What us owners are doing is removing the volume cap and it`s an easy fix. Don`t go buying from the US when not necessary mate.
  8. equalspeace
    I shouldn't compare the WM1A to the ZX300 until it's fully burned in. In terms of comparison to something like the A45. I can only speak to my experience with the A35, which I owned for a few months. Although I was hesitant to admit it in the past, the WM1A does shatter the A35 in multiple areas. Those would be soundstage, layering, note weight, and overal clarity and dynamics across the spectrum. On first listen I heard a lot of similarity in performance between the ZX300 and the WM1A, but again the Z needs hours. That should give you some idea. The thing that I couldn't get over with the WM1A is the treble emphasis. It's just to analytical for my taste. Some people like that aspect though. Also I imagine the build quality of the Z will impress you much more than that of the A45. I loved the look and feel of the Z when I unboxed it
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  9. Chik0240
    Thanks for the reply, but those are all 3.5mm impressions? If so sounds like even if I only use 3.5mm the zx is a great option
  10. equalspeace
    Yes, all 3.5 mm impressions
  11. Hinomotocho
    You're talking about battery life I assume?
    I haven't tested recently, but I go through bars fairly quickly with the same settings.
  12. Ryokan
    Yes. After 10 hours player was showing most of the bars , but next day after start up it was only showing one bar left - which lasted approx 5 hours.
  13. Hinomotocho
    My first bar disappears in the first 2-3 hours, and the second maybe by 5 hours. I don't seem to have an issue with losing battery life when I turn on after a couple of days of no use.
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
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  14. jdgszorro

    Getting this error when I try to use SCSINWZ last version to uncap and change the language in my new Joybuy NW-ZX300A (V1.10):7

    Cannot get model ID from device: -3
    Your device is most likely not compatible with this tool. :triportsad:

    Please, Any idea ?

  15. linux4ever
    My experience with WM1A out of the box without burn-in: I could see the potential and hear the sound signature, but the bass was mushy and not tight.
    After 100 hrs it started to settle down. After 150 hrs, it started opening up. 200 hrs it was really singing and the bass was tight and punchy.

    My experience with ZX300 out of the box without burn-in: Nothing exciting.
    After 75 hrs it opened up nice. Good soundstage width. Separation and Imaging.

    With iBasso DX200, I didn't see this much of difference with burn-in. But both WM1A & ZX300 really demanded burn-in.
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