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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. linux4ever
    In DAP mode or DAC mode, the ZX300 should still output the audio to the headphone outs. So I don't see the AMP section being by-passed. And the audio quality of ZX300 is very close to that of WM1A. Plus with the USB_DAC feature and its compact footprint + lesser price it is one awesome device. I've both ZX300 & WM1A.
  2. Hanafuda

    For files on the device, my understanding is yes there is digital line-out, but you need a Sony cable, WMC-NWH10, or the Sony Walkman cradle BCR-NWH10. The output is usb digital out, meaning you would need to feed it to a usb dac/amp. Doesn't match up with what you're wanting to do (use the zx300 as a dac only, but not using the amp), but just being nitpicky it's not technically correct to say it doesn't have line-out.
  3. taylon
    I was going to ask which cables to use but I believe you answered my question below:
    If I wanted to use the ZX300 as a source for a TA-ZH1ES or a PHA-3 Amp I would need the Sony cable WMC-NWH10, or the Sony Walkman cradle BCR-NWH10?
  4. hemipowered007
    Cool, ya I have no need for it as a transport, I can use my fiio x3i for that and I already have cables. Guess I'll see how it sounds double Amping it, may sound just fine. My plan is to goto an mhdt r2r dac for my home rig anyways, at some point in tine. But for now my whole goal was to get rid of the giant fiio x3i plus ifi micro bl stack and get a simpler but still capable setup. I got the zx300 tonight, and love the Matt screen, and the size and weight of it is perfect. I have not yet had time to losten, and am waiting on Pentaconn connectors to go balanced as well.
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  5. Hanafuda

    I was going to say, depending on what full-size cans you were mentioning before, don't discount the zx300 on balanced. There are some very positive reports from owners of LCD-2, Z1R, HD6xx series in this thread.
  6. Hanafuda
    Yeah the ZH1ES includes a cable in the box for the purpose, but either of the options I listed would be better (and reportedly the cradle is best). @Redcarmoose just bought the cradle while in Tokyo, he can tell you about it.
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  7. hemipowered007
    Fostex t50 build, denon d2k may do fine on zx300 balanced, not as good as ran off my pioneer sx1010, but I'm sure they'll do just fine once I get an smc terminated to 4.4 pentaconn. The main one would be they hifiman he4, which honestly my x3i can push just not very well. I'm sure the zx300 would run them better than the fuuo, but it's no substitute on any of my full sized, for an actual amp. Just wish I could use the zx300 as a dac only like I can with the fiio x3i. Oh well, can't have everything right? Sure am excited to run this thing tomorrow on my ex1000s
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  8. hemipowered007
    Even on se I'm loving what I hear on the zx300, pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. Even if balanced doesn't make as big of a difference as everyone says it does I will still be happy with my purchase. I'm loving this analogue sound
  9. Hanafuda
    Any of you who are using a Dignis case w/ the zx300, how is the button articulation through the leather? Does it feel like pushing an actual button, or does it feel like pushing leather at the general location of a button and indirectly feeling the button depress beneath the leather? I love the look & colors of these cases but can't help wondering about this - don't want to spend approx $80 on disappointment (though I'm sure it would move here quickly enough if I don't love it).
  10. kalo86
    Hi, I think that the balanced output unlocks other capabilities of the ZX300 player:
    - 200mW output power;
    - the native DSD reproduction.
    Maybe (and this is the reason why I'm not listing the following concept as a key-point) the better cable quality (a balanced one, for instance) is another possible point which helps the goal of an ultimate quality of ZX300.
    With my unit, matched with a pair of N3+Mee Audio balanced cable, I feel a nice and appreciable quality step in audio feeling. Bass is more impactful, more vibrant, high are very clear, never sibilant, when you increase the audio volume you never feel any trace of pain but you feel a lot of pleasure and sonic pressure, I find this amazing. Also the position of instruments are more clear and this sentence is more and more clear if you play DSD files. Soundtage is also wider than the SE one.
    If you are playing poor quality files, then there is not a big jump from SE to Bal. Just my poor opinion, but I won't go back to single ended :L3000:
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
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  11. hemipowered007
    No no I don't doubt the balanced output being better. All I meant was, even IF it wasn't I would still be happy. I have no real doubt that balanced is better, too many trusted users here and other forums have stated a noticeable step up. Almost all.my files are flac or at the very very least 320, which I don't have many of anymore. Pretty much all flac or other lossless.
  12. kalo86
    Please give a try with a DSD file :wink:
  13. hemipowered007
    I believe I shall try that once I get a 4.4 put on one of 6hese ex1000 cables
  14. colonelkernel8
    Just got mine in blue today. You can definitely feel the action of the button through the leather.
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  15. Hanafuda
    1st, thanks for responding.

    2nd, mmmmmm jealous lol.

    Maybe you could post a few photos and a mini-review for us? At least I would appreciate it. I know it comes with protective film stickers for the sd-slot cover, the top of the device between the jacks, and the jack rings too. Is there a screen protector included, and if so is it glass or a ‘film?’

    I’d really like to see some real photos of that blue, not stock photos. All three of the “minerva box” colors look great, even the red is just bam! and I’m not one to choose red. So, please file a report!
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
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