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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. peteh
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
  2. kertong
    Thank you abitdeef - no hard feelings, I know it wasn't your intent to offend;

    gosh, folks on headfi are so nice.

    Using parallels with windows on a macbook seems like a mixed bag from what i've read in this thread; but I used a linux fedora livecd x64/64-bit image booting in parallels, downloded the linux version of nwdesttool using the bundled in firefox; and was done in < 5 minutes. bonus with the livecd is that there is no installation/setup required - just point the parallels machine's cd drive to the livecd .iso file and boot it up!

    downside though is that you need to be somewhat familiar with the linux shell.. but it isn't too difficult. open up terminal, type in "sudo su", hit enter, then "cd Downloads" (or whatever that dir is, "ls" will show you), then ./sonynwdesttool /dev/sdb set J off, for example ( make sure the ./ bit is there)
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
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  3. Original jungle
    how hard is to do on a windows pc? anyone fancy doing an idiots guide for me with pictures :relaxed:
  4. SONYZX300

    Can anyone explain step by step how to install the firmware for the SONY NW ZX300, so I can erase the volume limits for Europe.

  5. abitdeef

    Ha ha I believe it! I still don't think anyone out does us mericans when it comes to buying crap you don't need and then getting bored with it and then tossing it and buying something 'new' that isn't needed and the cycle endlessly continues making the banks and credit card companies very, very happy.

    I just realized I described some of us on head fi lol, except for the tossing the old gadjet out- we sell it to another member, and the cycle continues. I tell my friends and family when the comment about my portable audio fetish/obsession - hey at least I'm not doing crack! Ha ha shuts them right up.

    And are they calling boot camp parallels now, or is that just what apple calls it in the UK?
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  6. Chrono251
    Hi! The NW-ZX300 is a very nice device.
    What I didn't understand looking online is if it is possible to install music streaming apps for online and offline use. Is this possible?
    I use Deezer (mainly for the big database and good sq).
  7. Ryokan
    Look back to around page 196. It's quite easy to do but I can't remember the exact steps.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
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  8. Lookout57
    Asked and answered many times in this thread.
  9. abitdeef

  10. peteh
    Oh I think Parallels is a separate product can use to run Windows on Apple but it throws up error message when you try and run the software to change region on Sony. Parallels support sold me the region/volume change software was defective. Which I don't believe. I just had a test version.
    I ordered an iPhone 8 Plus mint in box as described by the seller, told my wife it was mint in box for folks back at home. Unfortunately, it was a different mint I never expected.
    Just sayin’
  12. Sezgin
    Yea.. we all put our music files to music folder.. ok?...
    our music files are in the music folder..
    İs it clear..?
    But it does not play... can not delete or play!!!
    Stop saying that " are you sure music folder bla bla..
    İf you know something different please say that..
    İf you had experience about errors " no song available" or can not playing flacs or dsds..
    I am channal mapping my flacs with dbpoweramp.. some files could be fixed.. but for most of them,it does not works ...
    I am so disappointed .. ı wish ı did not buy that zx300..
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
  13. abitdeef

    Take 2 Queludes and call me in the morning.
  14. superuser1
    Seems something is up with your music files. Do those very files play on another device properly?
  15. Sezgin
    yes they plays well... there is no problem in my android phone ( works in usb player pro with no problem ) .. sometimes when zx300 can't play some files, it restarts ... I made firmware update.. mine 300A model and bought from china. maybe I have to change its regional settings to europe but not an experience on these things.. so I have an marvelous player on my hand and it could only plays 20 songs.. (my music archieve is about 3 tb of flac and dsd... )

    I think " 2 Queludes " may not enough for me.. :)
    I am from Turkey and even auth. Seller does not know any thing about zx300 yet.. :)
    I was hoping to find something useful here but Infortunately nothing will help me I think.. bad luck..
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