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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Lookout57
    ZX300 still cannot create new playlists. Only the WM1A/Z can create new playlists on the player.
  2. jonathane40
    I haven’t noticed a difference between FLAC and ALAC. I think FLAC is a bit more efficient than ALAC. I use ALAC because it allows me to have my library in iTunes. More than 90% of the files in my zx300 are ALAC.
  3. jonathane40
    Yes, the zx300 can’t create playlists. Another thing I noticed is that if the playlist is in the internal memory, you can’t add songs from the microSD card and vice-versa. For that reason I’m using Bookmarks instead!
  4. Hinomotocho
    I think I've found the problem, as a child being soothed off to sleep by the high pitched sound emitted from the old crt tv has had a serious impact on your ability to hear things in the normal world. You now hear things as a dog, dolphin or bat hears them - hence, audio equipment designed for the hearing of mere humans causes issues for you. SOLVED
  5. Magnepan Man
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  6. Sezgin
    Nice weekends...
    I did not buy the balanced socket for my zx300 yet. I have hd6xx and hifiman4xx and happy with them now but I was hoping zx300 will drive them better.. sure it will get better on balanced output but is there anyone here uses a portable headphone amp that will not change the sound character of zx300?
    I also have a xduoo-05 dac/amp. Which Planning to upgrade with bursonv6 opams... does it worth it?
    may I have your opinions please..
  7. Hinomotocho
    I've had issues with using mp3tag since getting the ZX300 (had no issues with my ZX100). Previously tagged files worked fine but anything new just won't display. I don't understand what baseline etc is so tried using tagscanner and simply used the recompress feature which has worked perfectly.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  8. superuser1
    TagScanner also does a great job at resizing the art work while being a very decent tag editor.
  9. Hinomotocho
    That's the one, Tagscanner, I got the name wrong.
    It takes time to get used to a new program, but I already much prefer how it displays the album art options/info - mp3tag had you going back and forth a couple of steps if you didn't like the art you selected from the text only list.
  10. superuser1
    Anyone go balanced with the 99C?

  11. kertong
    I solved the playlist creation problem.

    Quick background: I bought a Japan-only model and used SonyNWDestTool to change the region to "E".

    Before the change, I poked around and remember seeing the T9-style keypad come up when I attempted to create a playlist; but since it was all in japanese, I couldn't read/figure out what it was actually doing so I cancelled it out.

    So, I changed region to "E", reset all settings, changed language to english, then got to know the unit and played music; then discovered I couldn't create playlists! Any playlist I placed on the SD Card showed up as "not editable"; and with a Mac, I couldn't use music go to create and import playlists.

    Then I remembered how in "J" region mode I was able to get some sort of T9-keyboard to create and name things.


    I changed the region setting *Back* to "J", and reset all settings.

    After the reboot, the language was still set to English!

    And guess what I see..

    Through that, I'm able to create playlists, and add music to them! Looking on the SD card, I see it creating the playlists at /MUSIC/<name>.M3U8.


    Also looking in the playlist view; my old playlists are showing as "Not Editable", but the playlists created from this menu are editable and do not show that grey text:

    So, TL;DR - if you have a Japan-only unit: set english as language, set region back to "J" with nwdesttool, reset all settings, and you shoudl be good to go:
  12. Blommen
    Great hack, thanks!
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  13. Hinomotocho
    Would be nice to see this in the next update as it is already possible for the Japanese model.
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  14. kalo86
    Amazing combo!
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  15. audioaudioaudio
    Very interesting on the playlist 'hack'. I've finally ordered a ZX-300, getting it from Amazon UK so will have to change the version to escape the EU volume limiting stuff. Would love some recommendation on what to do - should I change to E, set the language as English and then change to the Japanese version like above and have the playlists work?

    Or just leave it on E?

    Very excited to get this. Will use the 3.5mm until later this year when I'll try and source the N3BP, will more than likely buy the N3AP from Amazon and a 4.4mm Sony cable from Accessory Jack.
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