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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. imblub
    In my experience only 24x96 files or higher show high in the spectrum analyzer. I kinda just ignore it now
  2. Gosod
    when you listen to 24/96 you hear extraneous noise or clicks?
  3. Partlys4int
    None whatsoever. But I only use Klipsch X10, and have tried my Audio Technica ATH-AD1000X on the ZX300. This device has a very black background.
  4. Wizayus
    I'm sure that I set the time and date during the ZX300's initial set up, but does anyone know how to display the current clock time on the device afterwards?
  5. Gosod
    Thanks for the reply, you include more features on this player for the resolution of 24/96?
  6. OptionalLemon
    In Clock Settings there's a note that says (I'm on the latest Firmware, maybe this is new?): "No clock is displayed. Clock Settings information is used for library management"
    I assume that means you cannot set the clock to show up on your screen.
  7. Hinomotocho
    I don't use Media Centre, what are the other methods for updating the firmware please?
  8. Mark2010
    I think the black ZX300 looks alot better than the grey one.

    Which did they say is suppose to sound better the black or the grey ZX300 ?
  9. OptionalLemon
    As said, I don't know if that Clock settings note wasn't there before on FW 1.00.
    To update without Media centre, first check your current FW in Settings>Unit Information. If it's lower than the current 1.10, go to your countries Sony site and to the downloads section for the ZX300. You should be able to find an .EXE file there to update your player with (follow the instructions given there). I would assume the .EXE works like the .DMG on Mac does and doesn't require the use of any other software.
  10. Hinomotocho
    Thank you
  11. kms108
    try reading the manual, it mentions about the time settings.
    OptionalLemon likes this.
  12. abitdeef

    Ha ha was just parroting the what fi review, was supposed to be super sarcastic, the player sounds amazing, no worries.
    Partlys4int and OptionalLemon like this.
  13. abitdeef

    I didn't even think the player could display the time.
    OptionalLemon, Wizayus and kms108 like this.
  14. kms108
    it can't, for internal use.
    abitdeef and OptionalLemon like this.
  15. OptionalLemon
    He he, I know it sounds great! At least according to my ears. I don't really check whathifi much, I don't often agree with their opinions.
    kms108 likes this.
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