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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
  1. kms108
    I wasn't going to get it, as most of my iem are reterminated, and my zx2 is put back into the box as I have the ZX300, but since I was in Japan and I had extra cash, why not, it's not easy to get this overseas as stock is very limited.
  2. abitdeef

    Ok so I have to ask, how much was it? Looks very sleek.

    And how cold is it where you guys are? Just curious, it's 3 degrees and - 10° F with wind chill here in the Midwest US. Cold enough to freeze a witches titty as we used to say as kids. I have no idea were that saying came from.

    Luckily I have the red hot ZX300 to keep me warm:)
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  3. abitdeef
    Also I saw this you tube zx300 unboxing vid and the guy says, we just got these here in the US, and there is no info plate on the unit. I find that strange- I thought only Japan didn't have the ID plate. Not that I care, I love the black zx300 even if it's only a paint job. Maybe it's a retail sample? I think these people sell daps.

    1A and 1Z are beefy!

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  4. kms108
    The pigtail adapter cost me just under 10000yen after tax, they also have two others 4.4 to 2.5 balanced and 2.5 to 4.4 balanced which is cheaper.

    When I was in Japan from 6/12/2017 to 16/12/2017, the coldest was 5 degrees over near fukashima and at tokyo about 8-12 degrees. it was freezing especially the night I arrived at haneda at approximate 12am, I had to search for a hotel as I booked for a free shuttle bus to a spa place, but my flight got delayed, took upto 3am to find one, as they were pretty expensive even for a few hrs sleep, found a hostel at 2200 yen at the end.
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  5. kms108
    It seems like that is the US version, but it could also be a test or evaluation version for retailers. Any one with a US version that can confirm the unit has a name plate at the back.
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  6. Gosod
    Thanks for the short review, it looks nice.:)
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  7. abitdeef

    It is very nice! If you don't need streaming and don't mind a fast simple UI, you could do much worse. Sound is top notch and well for us on here that's priority #1.
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  8. abitdeef

    Wow that's about 90 US dollars! It does look really nice though. You would think the meltdown of the cesium at fukashima would make it a little bit warmer, ha ha to me anything below freezing is damn cold. Especially if it's windy like it is here.
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  9. kms108

    Here is the latest listing, at least you are know they do label what wires go where, not that is it's important, like connecting to the female socket part of the player is more problematic. The cost goes to the material used, it does use the same female socket the Sony use in their player, the 5 Pentaconn brand.
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  10. abitdeef

    I love the crazy Japanese ads, it's over 10,000 Yen! I'm only asking 120 dollars for my mint 2 month old MDR 1A headphones lol. No bites on Amazon, might post them on here, I just can't do international, post is WAY to expensive.

    And I always get asked questions like are they marked/scratched up or do they have any problems with the sound, is everything there? (More on Amazon than here) Why are you selling them so cheap? Because I have a nice income and I want to sell them fast and be done with it, I know I'm not going to get close to what I paid for them and I don't care!

    Lol when I say in the ad they are like brand new and MINT- that means they are exactly as I received them, with everything! even with the plastic baggies/ties and foam that stuff is wrapped in. I'm a middle aged dude, I throw nothing away!

    Sorry for the rant lol.
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  11. Bepli
    I totally understand your position, happens to me also. Funny that 120USD is cheap for them at your place. Here in Germany they cost 150€ without a sale brand new and like 80-100€ when on sale :p
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  12. abitdeef

    They are like 230 to 250 dollars here. Of course I got them at AJ for cheaper I think 190/180 dollars? But honestly I have such a problem with anything touching my left ear, that I haven't used on/over the ear cans for 2 months. My phillips hurt and so do my sennheisers. So I've just been using iems. Which is why I ordered the XBA N3BP to try balanced.

    I pray those are as small as they look and don't hurt my ears.
  13. Partlys4int
    Many of these review units just get passed around- they are usually completely burned-in upon arrival- from country to country until the next reviewer. Sometimes they can keep the devices.
    And if they are not to be sold, then there is no need for commercial legislative info on the back. :)
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  14. Ylo2
    UPDATE: The problem I have with the NW-ZX300 is that it does not support WMA Pro or WMA Lossless, which are the formats of my music. In addition, MediaGo always converts WMA VBR to MP3 (at lower quality). Sony Music Center upconverts WMA VBR to ALAC or FLAC, huge files with no increase in SQ, or to lower-quality MP3. Music Center, File Explorer, and WMP-12 all seem to have big issues with AlbumArt for WMA CBR and sometimes other files. I gave up investigating this and found a work-around (below).

    So, here is what I have come up with, thanks to forum user itman for converting a file for me to get things started: Convert WMA Pro to WMA CBR at the highest possible bit rate, and convert WMA Lossless to FLAC (theoretically no loss of SQ). Here are the details:

    Review first track by album to ascertain WMA type using ASFView, a free utility available from Microsoft.
    Create Album Artist folder on the Sony device in the \Music directory (internal memory or SD card).

    WMA CBR (Format Tag 353): Copy the entire album to Sony \Music\<album artist> (Internal memory or SD card) unit using File Explorer.
    WMA VBR (Format Tag 353): Copy the album to Sony using File Explorer, same as for CBR. Delete GUID JPG files.
    WMA Pro (Format Tag 354): Convert files to WMA CBR using MediaMonkey, which will create album(s) under the Album Artist.
    WMA Lossless (Format Tag 355): Convert files to FLAC using MediaMonkey, which will create album(s) under the Album Artist.

    Use MP3Tag to add album art to all tracks in each album (often needed). Under each album in the original Music directory, art resides in Folder.jpg. Check Artist field for each track as well.

    As a precaution and to make keeping track of conversions easier, I initially transfer and convert songs to a USB drive, then copy to the Sony using File Explorer.

    I have not tested DBPowerAmp and most of the other utilities out there. I'm sure most of these work for conversion but with more or less effort than above.

    Thanks to everyone for the help. I'm up to Album Artists starting with "F" after a couple of days of work, and should have everything converted and transferred in a week or two.
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  15. abitdeef
    Ahh never thought of that, you might have something there. :wink:
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