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  1. raybies
    I learnt that lesson with Sennheiser, and I'm not the only one, just look at all those HD800 modding videos, MODDING a TOTL headphone, wtf!
    I now focus primarily on sound signature as companies seem to present more commonality in signature than models; when people say warm, dark I think candidate, when they say reference or balanced I think bright or boring, and when they say bright I know it's brain piercing. I also factor in the reviewers perceived age as older folk start losing higher frequencies.
    I'm in my 40's and I tested my hearing with a tone generator which demonstrated I'm good from 4hz to 21khz, 21khz sounds more like faint static or wind not sure if it's my hearing or reproduction, but 18khz is a very audible whine. And 4hz is more like pressure than sound.
    Shure's sound signature is about as bright as I can stand.
    Denon's about as warm as I like.
    Bluetooth headphones just seem like they're missing a whole bunch of frequencies... not noticeable unless A<>B with something decent and connected, or the fatigue the bring after >1hr.
    Bose has a most boring sound... just bland.

    Frequency response charts I find quite effective in portraying objectively the charter of a headphone... but then I start wondering what EQ is for.
    The charts seem to show the Z1R's go very deep... consistent output from 10-100hz, then an unusual peak 9-10Khz; this suggest tuning to a younger ear... who here has increased base and treble before... well they do it natively.

    All the above said I have to confess I'm not really a music lover, I'm foremost a gadget lover, and personal audio gear is a lot cheaper than camera gear... I love experiencing humanity's technical endeavors to understand the technology behind it.
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  2. Beninnzorjp
    I just spent a couple of hours at e-earphone in Nagoya. Apart from looking at balanced cable options, I wanted to try the XBA-Z5. From my ZX100 (which I know is not going to make them sound their best) they were that Sony sound I'm a sucker for, BIG bass - then I tried them balanced from the ZX300 - totally different, would have sworn it was a different iem. My point being is balanced out is a very different experience.
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  3. superuser1
    Very different indeed!
  4. Beninnzorjp
    From looking at my balanced cable options today I'll probably end up with the non-Kimber Sony balanced cable as from having the standard upgrade cable I know it is a bit thicker and maybe more durable than some of the others look, also it has an L shaped plug. Has anyone heard of radius? Their radius HC-OFC44K is priced right, but it is painfully thin and looks like the weight of my XBA-A3 (XBA-Z5 if I buy them) would not be held stable or would just rip them apart (exaggeration). I'm still open to other options
  5. khestoi
    is there a cheap adapter available that will let me use my balanced 4.4mm to standard SE ones?
  6. superuser1
    I am also looking for something similar. Please do let me know if you find anything.
  7. psikey
    The HD660S was OK via Balanced, but near max volume SE. If you listen loud then there might not be enough head-room for you. The 150 Ohm HD660S still sounds better via my Dragonfly Red. I'd assume the 300 Ohm Sennheiser's would be a struggle.
  8. psikey
    I use this one, delivered to UK with no issue. Nice quality.

    I have my Sen HD660S with 4.4mm cable and my Shure SE846's with Sony 4.4mm Kimber cable and just use this adapter when connecting to my Dragonfly Red or phone. Saves swapping cables and weakening connectors. $33 shipped

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  9. Partlys4int
    Low shipping cost, any issues with customs?
  10. Bepli
    People seem to mix up impedance with efficiency a lot. How much power you need for a headphone doesnt change a lot with higher impedance, but if the efficiency is low its hard to drive.
    Sennheiser rates:
    HD660S: 104 dB @ 1V and 1kHz
    HD650: 103 dB @ 1V and 1kHz
    HD600: 97dB @ 1V and 1kHz

    The HD660S is the easiest to drive, but not by a lot. The difference in volume steps to get the same volume compared to the HD650 will be very low. the HD600 will be harder to drive since there is a 7dB difference.
  11. Partlys4int
    Could you perhaps tell me how a 300 ohm headphone (if you have one) fares with the dragonfly red as sole headphone amp? I'm thinking of buying one for laptop usage (mainly for films and listening to youtube) .
  12. psikey
    Highest I have are the 150 Ohm HD660S*. With these via Dragonfly Red on my PC or laptop volume at ~ 45% is loud to me. Tidal Masters with DFR via HD660S sound great. Only used my DFR with music videos on Tidal & no lip sync issue. Also was great playing PC version of Hellblade with binaural audio (I normally play games on PC via my 5.1 system).

    * From advise by other AVF member its not just impedance to consider. Based on what he posted the DFR should handle most headphones.

    Read this comment on a Reddit posting: Another surprise was how effective the amp section of the Dragonfly Red is. The HD800, HD650, and T1 are all high impedance headphones that usually require a lot of power to drive properly. The T1 was right at the borderline. Loud enough without being able to blow ear drums. The 650 can get unhealthy loud, and surprisingly the HD800 has headroom to spare and plenty of volume. It's worth noting that even at maximum volume, there is little to no distortion
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  13. kms108
    I think you have to deal with customs at your end.

    I use have a adapter musashino label, excellent quality, but expensive.

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  14. psikey
    Learning all the time..... still. Thanks, you made that clear for me.
  15. psikey
    They marked as sub $10 so no extra charges for me. To a customs officer it wouln't look to be over a $10 item.

    Cheapest I've found of good quality without going for a solid 1 piece adapter which makes plug too long.

    I saw that one but didn't want to pay that price.
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