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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. khestoi
    Oh I have misresd the clock settings.
  2. JerryHead
    Just realized that the version of the ZX300 I ordered is going to be Japanese, so menu items will be in Japanese only. I looked back in this thread and read about the Sony NWDesTool available via RockBox: https://www.rockbox.org/wiki/SonyNWDestTool#Getting_the_tool
    I only have a mac, and although the tool is offered in a Linux version, I don't seem to be able to use this as an application for my mac. Does this tool require a pure Linux OS (without osx sitting on top), or are you supposed to be able to use it on a mac as well?
    Also, anybody have luck with this tool, and if you don't understand Japanese, are you able to get through the initial settings in Japanese language to prepare it for the conversion using the tool?
    Last question, if I can update the firmware using the UK Sony site version of the latest firmware, will the menu items all convert over to English as result of the update?
    Thank you, I'm a little worried about this.
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  3. Brice d’Oliveira
    Use parallèle desktop free version :wink:
  4. Bepli
    1. No using the UK update wont change anything since it will not change the region.
    2.You will need to use the tool
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  5. JerryHead
    Just realized that I can probably use my windows laptop at work to do the deed. Will it be difficult to understand the UI in Japanese language to prepare it for use with the tool? Or do I just turn on the zx-300 for the first time, connect it immediately to the laptop, and run the tool?
  6. kms108
    If you have a heavely blocked network at work, you probably can't use the tool, this is the case with me, and you only need to go into setting to change the language once the tool is sucessfully performed, and not before.
  7. Brice d’Oliveira
    No prob for japan ui, you start it, change the language and press 8sec to restart the zx300, then just setting icon (a wallet) and in english it’s write (language) just change it no prob easy as it
  8. JerryHead
    Earlier in this thread users have shown that for the Japanese versions of the zx-300, English is not an option in the lanugage options. Which is why the tool was offered.
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  9. Brice d’Oliveira
    Yes so download the soft, plug the zx300, change language with scsitool THEN press power button for about 8sec, restart the unit, press « wallet » icon, then choose « language » ... done
  10. JerryHead
    okay, thanks, one last thing, in order to change the language with the scsitool, do you need to change the following values manually? (see instructions below which I copied from the page below). or does the tool have an easier, more automatic way to do it (without your having to change values with a command line):
    • Check your device letter in "My Computer"/"This PC". For example: WALKMAN (H:)
      If you don't see any letter, that probably means your device is set in MTP mode instead of MSC mode. In this case, open the Device Manager, under 'Portable Devices' you should see WALKMAN. Right-click on it, select "Update Driver Software.." then "Browse my computer for driver software" then "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer". Choose "USB Mass Storage Device" and click on "Next".
    • You need to open a command prompt in the directory where you downloaded the file.
      The easiest way to do it is to download this .bat file, put it in the same directory as scsitool and double-click on it (the .bat file).
    • Get your current destination code and sps setting:
      Type the following command, replacing X by the version number of scsitool and H by your drive letter:
      scsitool-nwz-vX.exe H: dest_tool get
  11. Brice d’Oliveira
    You’ll need to change the zx300 drive letter to corresponding when you plug it on your computer (for me was « H »), and change country letter to the one you want, and last choose if you want to uncap it (« off » setting).
    If you enter the same command as explain on the forum it’s easy as is
  12. Brice d’Oliveira
    Then when you’ll update the player language will remain what you’ve choosen
  13. kms108
    Just follow the information on the tools site, it's all mentioned on there.
  14. JerryHead
    okay, I'll figure it out, much appreciated..
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  15. JerryHead
    once it's installed, does the scsitool require an internet connection to do the job? Just realized I have a (very) old Windows machine with no connectivity.
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