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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. nanaholic
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  2. Bepli
    Hey people!
    I will write some impressions after about 20 hours of use.

    I think its really nice feeling and you get something feels very nice. I mainly use the player with the Original Sony Leather Case.
    The device is built really well, the only thing I noticed is that the WM-Port feels kinda cheap-ish. It feels like it could break on regular use pretty earlier in the usually life time of a player.
    Tho I never had a problem with it or any other Sony player with that port in the past.

    Also the ports (both the 4.4mm and the 3.5mm) are pretty tight on first use and get slightly better to use when plugged in and out sometime. Personally now at the moment they feel perfect (not too tight but not loose in anyway).

    Rather snappy compared to the Sony NW-A30, tho still not flagship smartphone level (still very nice tho). It does pretty much everything I want it to do. It plays pretty much everything (including .ape and MQA files).
    The inbuilt DSP features can be handy and all of them are really nice, tho I personally use direct mode since I dont find myself needing anything really. The sort options and the navigation is very easy to use and very simple, typical for a Sony device.
    Obviously anything wireless but Bluetooth is missing and I actually prefer it that way.

    The only thing I noticed is that the USB-DAC feature has 1s delay, which makes it rather unusable for gaming or videos. I dont really think its a problem but some might dont like it.

    I mainly used it in balanced use with a pair of Sony XBA-N3 and Sony MDR-Z7. I also tried Shure SE215 but since I dont like the IEM itself I wont include any impressions of the SE.
    I think this is a very nice sounding player for the device. Its way better than anything I had before (Sony NW-A30 and DragonFly Black v1.5). I personally wont include any real impressions in audiophile wording.
    I powers everything I own really well and I dont ever needed to go pretty high on anything (I also always have High Gain on). On the N3 I never go above 45 (balanced, high gain) and on the Z7 90 (balanced, high gain) is too loud for me.

    Overall I think this is a great Player for a person that doesnt need streaming and wants to go balanced. I would buy it again at full retail, tho it goes for about 600€ or lower already.

    Can just recommend it!
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  3. larzy
    I'm SO tempted to buy the ZX300, but after the new 2.0 firmware just came for the WM1A, I just can't justify spending money on another DAP although I use the WM1A at home, and the ZX300 would be my "on-the-go" DAP. But I think I'll have to settle with music from my phone on the go :) Or bring along the WM1A.
  4. kms108
    Update has always caused problems, even on the smartphone market, if there is nothing wrong with it, don't update, I haven't even updated my ZX300, even my android phone and iphone 8 hasn't been updated, i'm happy with the current F/W.
  5. JerryHead
    How does the ZX300 compare in SQ to the WMA1? Has anyone done a comparison?
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  6. kms108
    I just hope Sony will release a charging adapter from type C to wmport instead of current micro USB.
  7. AudioBear
    How about a micro to usb-c adapter?
  8. kms108
    One of these. I have two of them, but want Sony to update them to a type C, many of my cables are now type C.

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  9. AudioBear
    That’s what I’m talking about. I keep a couple with me all the time. Also usb to usb-c.
  10. kms108
    Thanks, I have many adapters, but just prefer a typr c only adapter.
  11. khestoi
    I just bought this unit last night.
    I was supposed to get a x5 iii but then I saw this shiny black thing. After testing it, I told my self that this is it!

    Now I need a set of IEMs. Any recommendations?
    Brainwavz b400? Simgot en700 pro? Pioneer ch9t?
    I am am thinking of getting one of them.

    How do you set the clock to appear?
    What are your usual volume levels?
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  12. ltanasom
    what is the maximum capaciyty of microsd that zx300 can take?
  13. kms108
    If you read the manual, it does state the clock is for system use only, and cannot be shown.
  14. kms108
    It can support up to the maximum size the market has to offer.
  15. ltanasom
    thank you
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