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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. lomenhk
    Yes, agree. ZX2 indeed has the richness and stronger bass than ZX300 if both compared with SE. But I found the richness of SQ from 4.4mm socket of ZX300 is stronger than ZX2, so always as being said the 4.4 balanced feature is the "main dish" of ZX300, the SE is just a "bundle gift". I audition it with N3AP, and found ZX300 wins in lots of area: treble extension, details of timbre, soundstage (a bit wider and cubic), etc.. if comes to bass, the attack is still a little bit weaker than ZX2 but almost on par. The 4.4 balanced socket only has 3-4 hours burn-in, so still uncertain if there will be anymore changes before the 200 hours mark.
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  2. JerryHead
    Can you tell me the difference between these two cables, besides the fact the second costs quite a bit more? Is it that the second one (Kimber) is more comfortable, because of the braided wire? Less weight and more flexible? But they sound the same? Thanks.
  3. psikey
    Not had the standard one and only got the Kimber one as I bought mine 2nd hand for same price as standard one.

    Some who had both said Kimber adds a bit oh weight to bass, but personally my ears can't detect any SQ difference to my cheap Fiio balanced cable.

    It is really flexible and oozes quality but I'd go for the standard if buying new. Kimber is higher grade, more twists cable, the end connectors and plug are same on both I believe. Best connectors I've had with mmcx as some can be loose.
  4. Partlys4int
    If Klipsch doesn't come out with balanced IEM's, my ZX300's SE will get a lot more usage than the balanced output. And I'm not complaining, as I thoroughly enjoy its SQ with (efficient) IEMS.
    It would be nice if other manufacturers added more balancedd gear to the market. Right now, I'm strongly considering the Shure SR1540 with a balanced Sony cable. But given the bulk, these would only get used indoors.
    Also: when I take a look at many balanced cables, they all seem rather thick (naturally). So not really convenient when you're in a hurry during commute.

    I disagree with some noting the SE as a 'side dish'. If reviewers think it's on par or better with that of the ZX2 (a 1200 dollars device), how could it possibly be a side-dish? The fact that Sony managed to make the SE very good and added an even better balanced output to that, just speaks volumes to the value of this device within its price range in my opinion.

    tldr: we're being spoiled by Sony. I bet they could've sold this with only SE for 100 dollars less and people would buy it, after all it's better than the ZX100 with DAC, touchscreen, built,etc... Just hasn't got the 128 gbs.... The more and more I use this, the more I'm convinced that I've done a wonderful purchase. It feels nice to see your spent money validated :)
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  5. Brice d’Oliveira
    Hi guys,
    So after setting up the EQ I finally enjoy so much the zx300.
    Such a nice device, sleek, fast, wonderful sound everything smooth.
    I’m thinking about going balanced now...
    But i have a little budget ...
    Can you please give me some infos and some models to start with balanced :) ?
    I’m thinking having connectors for the earbuds the same as Sony (i think it’s something like Mmcx) with 4.4mm jack.
    Even a second hand but something clean
    Again and again thanks a lot
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  6. abitdeef
    Well said my friend. The SE output continues to improve with wider soundstage and better extended smoother treble and more controlled bass. I'd say I have 80 hours on it. It is one of the best sounding daps that I've had the pleasure of listening to, with only output power limiting it. It sounds rich, detailed and organic now I love listening to this thing, was listening to OK computer last night and I've never heard it sound better. Piano and stings sound really dynamic and natural and hi hats sizzle just like in real life ( 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac sounds so real, the cymbal strikes sound just amazing now. ) Not analytical but with real body and timbre. Imaging has improved also, with stuff having a more defined presence in the soundscape.

    I can't wait to burn in the more powerful balanced output, I do wish there were more choices for balanced. Hopefully sony will sell lots of the zx300. I just want to say I got the zx300 cheaper than I can buy a zx100 on amazon here in merica, so I consider that a great value.

    One other thing, looking at the pcb and ic setup of the 300 I can say it's one of the cleanest and leanest I've seen.

    And I don't ever want a dap with a shiny screen, the matt screen is utterly brilliant.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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  7. purk Contributor
    IMO, the two DAPs (ZX2 & ZX300) have different tonality. The ZX300 in balanced is dynamic, clear, and transparent for the DAP world. The ZX2, OTOH, has more organic and warmer sound. It is as spacious but just not as powerful. However, I'm hearing greater sense of decay from the ZX2. Bass wise, the ZX2 punches a little stronger with better bloom while the ZX300 is tighter. I'm comparing the ZX300's balanced to ZX2's output here. I also find voicing to be a little sweeter with the ZX2. Yes, the ZX2 can't drive harder headphones the way the ZX300 can. However, my relatively easy to drive recabled Sony MDR-SA5000 with 50 ohm impedance does sound just as good if not slightly more pleasing from the ZX2 than the ZX300. If anything I would put the two players as being in the same tier as long as you don't plan to use harder to drive headphones on the ZX300. I'm not relying on memory here either and do have both player side by side for comparison. I think Sony has done very well with the released of the ZX300. I'm super impressed despite what I said about the ZX2 vs. ZX300 comparison because the form factor on the ZX300 is perfect and it is nearly $500 cheaper. I will report back once the ZX300 has reached the 250 hours mark.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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  8. Mark2010
    My zx300 just arrived today so far I'm very happy with the sound.

    The only issue I have is that the Sony leather case I bought for it doesn't come with a screen protector so I have to buy that separately.

    As I remember the Sony case for the zx100 also had a screen protector included.
  9. Mark2010
    Can anyone recommend a good balanced solution for the zx300 that costs no more than 100 Euro ?
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  10. Ghost2501
    The solution proposed by Rastaman and the null-audio cable seems to be the cheaper way to go balanced.
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  11. JerryHead
    Just bought the SONY MUC-M12SB1 1.2m Balanced Standard Plug Headphone Cable off of an eBay seller in Asia for my Shure SE846s. The listing didn't say anything about them being "MMCX" or for the "XBA Series" though. But all of them with this model number are for MMCX, and for XBA, correct? Just want to make sure that I didn't buy the wrong thing and that they'll fit my Shures.
  12. abitdeef

    I wouldn't worry too much as the Sony case protects good and the screen is glass. If the screen was plastic I would be worried, but I use mine 'naked' all the time and don't worry about it. If you didn't have the case well then if you're going to use it out and about I'd recommend a screen protector. But with the flip case you have good protection.

    Unless it falls face down on something 7 and above on the mohs hardness scale you will be alright. That's quartz and up :wink: I will say unless it's a very high level of hardened or gorilla glass corundum will scratch the **** out of your screen. And here in the US corundum is used in a mineral mix to fortify the blacktop and asphalt used on the roads. Also it's used in driveway mixes so you can accumulate corundum on your car mats and if dropped on corundum it will Shirley scratch your screen without a saver. I dropped an ipod touch on my car mats only to receive a huge scratch from corundum that accumulated over time.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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  13. abitdeef

    Yep you are ok , but that cable is the heavy duty kimber cable not the normal balanced. So it's $$$$, and thick enough to rapell from an Apache. :)
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  14. Mark2010
    Another thing I noticed about the zx300 is that it doesn't let you display the album art on the whole screen like the zx100 did.
  15. JerryHead
    Whoa, wait a sec! do you mean to say that this cable is thicker (and possibly stiffer) than the standard Sony cable? I bought it over the less expensive one because I thought it would be lighter weight, and more flexible. I can still cancel it. Lemme know please..
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