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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Mark2010
    Do you know if they added a search function ?
  2. Mathieulh
    I used Windows, keep in mind however that the USB Mass storage needs to be enabled during the update.
  3. Partlys4int
    Aaaawww, you flatter us owners of this beautiful device :hugging:
  4. Redcarmoose
  5. JerryHead
    I have to own up - I admit, I sold my nw-zx2, along with some other cool sh-t, just last week to justify my purchase of the iPhone X. Needed to show the wife that I sold as much as was needed for the purchase. But some things bothered me about the zx2 anyway. Not so easy to carry around, as it was just a little bit too big and heavy. It took too long to start up, had a relatively slow interface, and was bogged down by all of that internet based stuff. Along those lines it's only Tidal that I will miss. And no balanced output, at least that's what I thought at the time. Come to learn now that there was in fact one with the right adapter.
    I'm thinking that someone must've done a comparison review of the zx2 to the zx300 by now. If so, please send along the link. From what I've read, I'm thinking that they sound almost identical, except that the soundstage isn't quite as wide with the zx300. I'd be real interested in hearing about any other differences.
    My Japanese version zx300 is coming next week (and I'm hoping I'll have found a way to update the firmware with my mac by then).
  6. abitdeef

    No sir they didn't. I personally don't expect new features from sony updates, more or less tweaks.
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  7. abitdeef

    Pretty informitive despite the translation, he clearly thinks the zx300 sounds clearer than the zx2 even from the SE.
  8. Rastaman
    I have purchased this one from Lune audio ,, £100 delivered to uk https://www.null-audio.com/products/lune-series-mkiii-premium-upgrade-cable-for-earphones , havent had a chance to try it yet but it gets good reviews ,,, there is also two sony cables , one of which is made by Kimber
  9. lomenhk
    Thanks Mathieulh, with you tips I am now able to update my ZX300 to firmware ver. 1.10 :)
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  10. albocaj
  11. lomenhk
    I have burned-in the SE socket for almost 120 hrs, still way to go till 200 hrs. The soundstage is now definitely improved and the timbre has become more detailed.

    As a previous ZX2 owner, to my ear the SE on ZX300 sounds obviously clearer than that I heard from ZX2. The major improvement is the instrument separation. However, the bass is bit weaker, and the music presentation is a bit lack of richness if compared to ZX2. Right now the soundstage is still lack of depth and a bit flat on the SE of ZX300.

    I audition with my CA Polaris (250 hrs burn-in). I believe there is still room of improvement as my ZX300 reaches more than 200 hrs mark and Polaris more than 300 hrs.
  12. Bshah
    I am sure you'll enjoy your ZX300. Aptx HD is also supported by the ZX300 and it is better. LG sell IEM that support Aptx HD.
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  13. purk Contributor
    Depending on headphones and IEMs, I actually prefer the sense of richness on the zx2 compared to the zx300. For harder to drive headphones, the zx300 exhibits shear sense of power and stronger dynamics over the ZX2. Still, I do find the zx2 to be warmer in tone and has a stronger lower end and can be very great match with slightly brighter sounding headphones. The ZX300 is leaner and also clearner with more power. I still think that the zx300 is the ZX1 done right while the ZX2 is kind of the 1Z but without the drivability and slightly thicker overall tone. I only have 200 hour on the Balanced out of zx200. Hopefully it will get even smoother and more relaxed.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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  14. Ghost2501
    The connectors seems to be the same as the cable of my EarSonics EM3-Pro.
    EarSonics has already replied to my email and yes, EM3-Pro are balanced compatible.
  15. Poleepkwa
    I realised that I do not really need the online functionality that the Fiio X5 III offers and could rather use a longer batterlife. Any ZX300 owners have some impressions as how they compare sound wise?
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