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Sony NW-ZX300 + RMT NWS20 (remote controller) - sold

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  1. SBranson
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    •   Canada
    I recently purchased this from the link below but have decided to sell it primarily because my eyes aren't that great and the screen is a bit small. I can still read it but I'm used to the big display of my LGv30 so I am going to get an android based DAP with the large display.

    The DAP itself is the 64Gb version without volume cap and firmware 2.01. It has been kept it in the silicone case and with a screen protector (as seen in the images). The remote is really handy and works very well I'll also include a 4.4mm to XLR pigtail cable if you'd like. I'm committed to iems so I don't think I'll ever need this.

    It's a fantastic sounding DAP and I am only selling for reasons stated above.
    There are 3 tiny marks that you can see in the original listing.

    It comes in the original box, the silicone case and lanyard, the 4.4 to xlr and of course the remote.

    Price includes shipping and paypal. 20190609_110651.jpg

  2. SBranson
  3. SBranson

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