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Sony NW-ZX2 w/ Plussound silver + gold balanced iem cable

Trader History (4)
  1. Bad Username
    For Sale
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    20180815_224004.jpg 20180815_224019.jpg Selling my ZX2 player along with my Plussound Silver + Gold cable ($350 value) which has a balanced TRRS plug for the Sony player.

    The player is less than a year old with minor paint wear on the edges. I am the original owner for both player and cable.
  2. Bad Username
    Price dropped
  3. proedros
    would you sell the cable alone ?
    Fabaaroan likes this.
  4. Bad Username
    Yes. $120 for cable.

  5. Bad Username
    $450 for player alone.
  6. iron2k
    Is the cable a plussound Exo??
  7. Likeimthere
    is the cable connection 2.5 or 4.4?
  8. iron2k
    I think it is 3.5mm 'cause ZX2 only has that output.
  9. bvng3540
    It stated in the description, trrs plug which the zx2 has and yes 3.5mm only, it is sold to me
  10. iron2k
    good one
  11. Fabaaroan
    Hum there is a little problem i sent the money yesterdayfor the cable !!
  12. bvng3540
    This guy double dipping, I send him the money on 8/27 and didn't hear anything from him
  13. Bad Username
    Apologies for the confusion. There are 4 exo cables in my inventory. Two silver + gold, one tri-metal, and one silver plated copper. As of now both silver + gold are sold.
  14. iron2k
    are you selling the Tri-metal also???
  15. Bad Username
    Yes. I can sell the tri metal also.

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