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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Isloo
    I’ll contact him as well. Thanks.
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  2. G_T_J
    Wish there will be bit perfect capability somehow with a future update.
  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Sad as it may be, for some users with new expectations of functionality, the ZX2 may just simply be showing it's age.
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  4. G_T_J
    Sad indeed for such an awesome sounding player. I doubt there's anything better out there in terms of pure sound... Yet sometimes that's not enough in 2019.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Fair, but to also be fair the ZX2 was known to have very little power so it was perhaps not flexible enough in what it could drive specializing with IEMs and very efficient headphones. The rend in DAPs now is certainly more power and modular amplification modules.
  6. G_T_J
    Agree but personally I haven't had any high impedance iems or headphones so never really cared about its output.
    Wish someone could port a newer Android to this beauty
  7. lukedss
    Hey guys. Thanks for all the info so far. Just received my ZX2 eagerly went to download Tidal and it says it's not compatible with my device? Looks like the Android is later than 5.0 and I cant find any info about this online would REALLY appreciate help
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I am unsure that you will get the newest Tidal to work on the ZX2. Had to correct that as older versions would run. Definitely more suitable, equally good sounding contemporary DAP choices out there if streaming is your priority.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  9. TooFrank
    You’ll probably need to download a; older version of Tidal. FWIW, on my zx2, I am using version
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  10. lukedss
    Thanks, managed to get an older version working. Be interested to hear what you think is better for £200(used)?
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I wouldn't say better, that is of course subjective, but certainly as good would be something like the FiiO M9 which I am reviewing now. Very, very nice little device, great sound, plenty of power, solid Bluetooth implementation, decent OS/UI (not as good as Sony of course). The FiiO M9 is far more versatile and future proof within reason whereas the ZX2 is already basically too far behind to have any chance of longevity where even modest feature sets are concerned (IMO). As well, many of the ZX2s people are buying used have old batteries and they do not last forever so consider the possibility that you may have a DAP that in a few years may not have a functional battery.

    The ZX2 is legendary and deserves the accolades and devoted fan base, no question about it. Equally true, however, is that you can spend your money today on several other options and making the argument that it is a better use of your funds is not hard to make. Realizing it may be time to look past the ZX2 does not in anyway invalidate the amazing device it is, and for sure there will be units that still go for several years providing joy to their owners. If you want the ZX2 great, prices are solid now, but it is an under-powered, aging device with outdated capabilities that will never be updated so those are valid considerations. Maybe they aren't considerations that everybody cares about which is fine.
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  12. TooFrank
    Just a few thoughts: I have been the lucky owner of the zx2 since it was released. It has certainly treated me and my ears very well. The main criticism of the zx2 is that there has never been a software upgrade (Android). So even delivering a very nice sound, it is annoying that it has become so slow. However, the battery life is still very good. Finally, it recently bought a 400 gb memory card, now the majority of my music resides there while Tidal downloads are on the internal memory. So to conclude, if I didn’t know the sound of zx2, today I would go for a newer DAP with “built in” streaming services. But I will probably continue to enjoy my vintage product as long as it works........
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  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Absolutely, I am sure you are far from alone. I am more thinking/speaking to those who are on the fence about buying a used ZX2 versus a new DAP, that is where the real question lies. I wish that back in the heyday of the ZX2 I had purchased it (almost did twice) but I personally needed more power. Those of you who have owned it and enjoyed it over the years are lucky indeed.
  14. lukedss
    After hearing it last night for the first time. 0 regrets!
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  15. cfc7
    I still enjoy the sound of ZX2 and the battery life is amazingly good after few years of use, almost daily. The only complaint is the lack of power but I was using it only with easy to drive iems.
    Even if outdated, a really great device.
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