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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. cattlethief
    did the zx2 come with a pre installed screen protector as it looks like there is one on mine and the original owner did not put it on, I recall there xperia phones having something similar.
  2. kms108
    not for me, I have the Japanese one, can't comment for other region.
    I'm using the same version and it multitasks very poorly. If I do a search while downloading to offline, Tidal usually crashes before I complete typing the search string. There are other combinations of tasks that also cause it to crash. I'm now doing most of my Tidal offline from an Activo CT10 (with a 400GB SDXC card).
  4. TooFrank
    I agree it crashes quite often. However, I try to be patient, doing one thing at a time. Do most of the listening to downloaded stuff. Do you know if the earlier versions were more stable? Then it might be worthwhile re-installing if possible.
  5. ahtiang
    Nope, mine doesn't either. Mine is Asia Pacific model.

  6. ahtiang
    Hmm... I kind of forget how to add/remove page on the Home Screen of ZX2. Or set the a page to become default page.
    Any help? Thanks.
  7. lipanz
    i ordered a tampered glass from china. so far so good.
  8. streamline
    I'm using TIDAL version 2.25.752.1 (downloaded off some site referenced earlier on this thread) and it keeps saying that "2.11.8" is available. Has anyone tracked down that version and installed it? I'm a little wary of updating as TIDAL has generally been performing well for me. I have nothing else installed and run mostly in airplane mode with downloaded TIDAL tracks.

    Edit: nevermind it is just the normal upgrade nag.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
  9. G_T_J
    Could you please let me know which UAPP version you downloaded?

    Are you doing DLNA streaming through the stock app or any other like UAPP?
  10. Isloo
    I downloaded version 3.1.2. However, as you may have discovered, the version on the google play store will not work with andriod 4.2, so I had to download and apk file. I downloaded the Apk from one of the sites, I don’t remember which one. I did have to try a couple of versions of UAPP until I found one that worked. It is possible that newer version exists that will work with andriod 4.2. I mainly use Neutron so didn’t look very hard for the latest version.
    G_T_J likes this.
  11. G_T_J
    Thank you very much. I will try to download the version you mentioned.
    I'm desperate as there are limitations in the stock music app (such as it does only play the whole file in ape files) and I wanted to use my favourite UAPP.
  12. Isloo
    I think the stock player probably sounds the best, but I don’t have any ape files. You may want to try Neutron as well. As you can download it from the play store and it works well.
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  13. G_T_J

    I'll try UAPP first which I know very well and am familiar with its interface (I'll try DLNA streaming through this too) and then possibly try Neutron.
    It's good there are working alternatives. I don;t doubt that the stock player is the best in terms of pure sound but that Android software is archaic now and not very usable...
  14. streamline
    Contact the UAPP developer; the latest UAPP supports 4.2 — it’s something in the play store that incorrectly identifies it as not being compatible. He sent me an APK directly.

    Note ZX2 doesn’t support direct mode so there is no bit perfect playback in UAPP. I was working with them to no avail a few months back.
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  15. G_T_J
    Thanks for that.
    He sent me an apk directly and have installed it. Works like a charm now.
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