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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. G_T_J
    Has anyone used a 400gb microSD card with their ZX2?
  2. purk Contributor
    Yes, it works fine with 400gb card Sandisk.
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  3. G_T_J
    Brilliant! Thank you!
  4. TooFrank
    Great. Many thanks. Bought one immediately.....
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  5. G_T_J
    Has anyone used balanced Hifiman's RE600 with the ZX2? If that's the case, do they actually fit the TRRS socket of the player and if yes, how's the sound?
  6. RPB65
    Resurrecting an old post, I know. I was happily listening to my ZX2 using the above method and it had been this way for a long time.
    Whilst listening, the volume suddenly spiked incredibly and the sound changed, forcing me to rush for the pause button before my ears bled. So I took this to mean that somehow, the sound adjustment app had closed itself completely and ergo spiked the volume back up.
    Anyway, I am trying to get the sound back to its best using the above method. The annoying thing is, I am not hearing any difference between the rebooted device with sound app running, and then the sound app stopped but not force closed completely. I am sure that years ago when I did this, the sound got noticeably different as well as quieter?
    What I am doing wrong here? lol. It's so annoying. Thx folks for advice.
  7. spatzi
  8. spatzi
    Does anyone know what the latest firmware update is for this Walkman? Mine shows kernel version 3.0.31 and build 1.00.0001

    Sony support says there were no firmware updates released for this Walkman since it was released in 2015, which I find hard to believe. I recently installed a 400 gb SD card and it is taking 45 minutes to update 300 gigs. Is this normal?

    I have tried media go and music centre to update the Walkman but nothing is available. I've also tried on the walkman itself and nothing is available.
  9. ahtiang
    Yes, there is no firmware upgrade for ZX2 since post production unit other than a small bump of JP domestic variant as per my understanding.
    My unit is showing Android version 4.2.2 Kernel version 3.0.31 and Build number 1.00.0009

    I don't have 400GB microSD so I'm not sure on that speed.

  10. ahtiang
    Hmm.. with now Google officially not supporting Android v4, we may not even able to get official app update from Google Store soon and need to resort to sideload APK
  11. Isloo
    When did this change happen?
  12. ahtiang
  13. ahtiang
    I have finally switch my XBA-A3 stock cable to a new 8-core copper cable with a 2.5mm balanced jack. I then plug it into a 2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm balanced jack before going into the ZX2.
    Honestly, my ears is not sensitive enough to differentiate between 3.5mm unbalanced with this new setup, apart from I did noticed wider sound stage on the lows which I believed is due to the new copper cable. :beyersmile::ksc75smile:



    Last edited: Jan 3, 2019
  14. Isloo
    I find the difference between trrs and regular 3.5 mm varies depending on the quality of the track and the type of music. In general, I find there is a wider soundstage and there can be improved instrument seperation. Sometimes the difference is noticeable and sometimes it isn't. The disadvantage, however, is that the wider soundstage can make the zx2 sound thinner. So after initially only listening through trrs, I now mainly use the regular 3.5mm output as I prefer the thicker sounding notes and a more intimate sound. I have found using a trs pure copper cable has had more of a consisten effect on the sound than using a silver plated trrs cable.
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  15. cfc7
    Silver makes the sound thiner.
    Instead, try TRRS but with a pure copper cable.
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