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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. kms108
    I just tried a few minutes ago, for a update, non available, not a single update from release, I have the Japanese version and on Android 4.2.2.
  2. ahtiang
    Rumors had it that Japan did release an firmware update actually not so much on the Android OS. I believe the Android OS will remain as 4.2.2 globally due to the limitation of the processor within ZX2 which does not have any compatibility for newer Android OS post 4.2.2 drivers.

    My ZX2 Build number is 1.00.0009 while there is an update release on Sony JP site for ZX2 to update their firmware to 1.01.000
    Maybe your unit already having this firmware though

  3. kms108
    Thanks, I have the 1.01, may be it was out of the box.

    Have you updated it.
  4. ahtiang
    The strange thing is that other region even in ASPAC Sony site doesn't have this software published for download though. Hence I didn't update mine.

  5. kms108
    I'm sure it's a a security patch or same thing, not really important.
  6. ahtiang
    The content of the firmware


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  7. Isloo
    I agree that it is an overall excellent package. I recently sold my mojo and bought a zx2 as it's replacement and I am so happy I did. I was originally planning to buy a zx300, but after listening to the zx300, zx2 and the wma I found myself liking the sound from the zx2 the most, so picked up a used one. The UI can be a little slow at times, but the vast majority of the times it works really well and it sounds excellent (I'm listening with a trrs connection). Unlike with the mojo, I really hear the difference in sound quality between the zx2 and the other sources i have. I can now see why it was so expensive on release.
  8. kms108
    I have both the ZX300 and ZX2, even with the ZX300 balanced, I still like the ZX2 SQ better, I have a spare Sony Ex1000 cable for use with either EX600 and EX1000, I'm gonna re-terminate it to TRRS in November during my visit to Japan.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
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  9. ahtiang
    Yes, the only thing at times annoy me is the lag of the device because of the ageing Processor and limited memory coupled with Android 4 which is not so optimized in terms of performance.
    But then if we put that aside, this thing is a beast and the sound stage is phenomenal, at least for my ears limitation haha..

  10. purk Contributor
    The ZX2 sounds closer tonally wise to the WM1Z. Some time less is more and this is the case of the ZX2. If you only need to drive an IEM, the ZX2 is better choice than the ZX300. If you need to power harder to drive cans, the ZX300 is better via its balanced output. Operating within its limit, the ZX2 is a stellar device.
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  11. Richter Di
    BTW on the note of the improved Spotify app, it is safe again to install the current version of Qobuz streaming on the ZX2. And yes you can still import to the SD card.
    It will not stream any tracks sufficiently quick without stuttering - but it never did before. So you have to import the tracks before you listen to them.
    Only caveat is that you have, after starting the import to swipe from above the screen to get the android notifications. In this window you have to restart the import. But from then on it works like a charm.
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  12. Richter Di
    Can't believe it! Again I have to say that you can't use the current Qobuz Android version on my Sony NW-ZX2. The version before, yes, the new one crashes all the time. Returning to an ancient Qobuz version once more.
  13. Vinsent from Colombia
    Hello I'm a happy owner of SUBPAC M2X (Tactile Bass) and Sony MDR1000X3.

    Today i ordered Sony Walkman NW-ZX2. Therefore, i need to listen to MDR1000X3 and SUBPAC at same time. How can i do it?

    Obvious decision is to buy a splitter or listen through SUBPAC line out, but it isn't really convenient.

    So, i have questions:

    1)Is it possible to listen 3.5 jack and wm-port (to 3.5 jack) at the same time?

    2)Is it possible to listen 3.5 jack and Bluetooth at the same time?

    Cheers! :o2smile:
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
  14. kms108
  15. Vinsent from Colombia
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