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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. ahtiang
    That is strange.. hmm... you got the same version as I am and but your graph storage still pointing to the small 'Internal Storage'.
    I know this may not be relevant, when you go into the Android Storage there are you able to see both the 'Internal Storage' and 'System Storage'? Probably at the bottom will be your MicroSD storage as well.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
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  2. SebaE2012
    Yes, it's the same version, yet Spotify behaves differently. I do see 'Internal Storage', 'System Storage' and 'MicroSD storage' in Android. I tried logging off Spotify and logging in again, but also to no avail. :frowning2:

    I'm a bit disappointed, as I think what you found and shared is an important practical improvement. I guess I'll have to keep trying different suggestions or what for yet another update...

    Thanks again for trying to help!
  3. mathi8vadhanan
    Have you tried restarting the device after update. If not try a full reset.
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  4. SebaE2012
    Yes, I have tried restarting, but not a full reset. The only thing stopping me from giving it a try is losing the music I have stored in the internal memory (I assume that music, as other content, is lost when a hard reset is performed).
  5. ahtiang
    Indeed its strange then... perhaps any other ZX2 owner here can confirm if they able to see the System Storage in the Spotify?
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  6. kms108
    You don't full restart, try to update your music list.
  7. ahtiang
    I've using streaming option on my ZX2 all these while until recently I got hold of a few DSF files. I noticed that I can only play the song (DSF files) if I access them from a File Explorer and then I explicitly select the default Sony Music player which comes with the device itself. It appears that if I go into the same default Sony Music player I couldn't find/browse those DSF files. Does it works like that? Sorry noob here as I usually don't play around with DSF files. Normal MP3 files works like a charm and able to be seen in the player without any issue.
  8. mathi8vadhanan
    There's no native DSD playback in ZX2. It's unsupported format for the native Walkman player.
    ES Explorer's music player is just converting and playing it back on the fly as PCM.
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  9. ahtiang
    I see ok, understood. Thanks.

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
  10. kms108
    DSD playback is converted to PCM on the ZX2, and supports up to DSD128, and the DAP plays just fine with the default player.

    BTW multichannel file format is not supported.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
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  11. purk Contributor
    Guys, my ZX2 is beginning to be a little lackluster. I can't even turn the wifi on anymore as the DAP just keep freezing up. The music app is constantly crashing more and more. Any idea?
  12. kms108
    Probably the slow down is from the apps, the ZX2 is android 4.2, and there are many apps even 4.3 will install, but will probably slow the DAP, I only have a few apps, and only those that I really need, and nothing more, no streaming apps either, my DAP is very snappy.

    Have you tried a powering off the DAP, android need to be powered down about once every 1 month, depending on the usage.
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  13. Richter Di
    I could upgrade the ZX2 to android 4.3?
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  14. kms108
    Thanks, I haven't tried the upgrade to 4.3, so wasn't sure if it was available, and since I only use the default player, no streaming and only use the ZX2 for music only I don't need the upgrade.
  15. ahtiang
    As far as we know Sony didn't even release any software update for the ZX2, hence it stays as it is out of the box till today lol.. though the Japanese domestic market ZX2 does get a bump of update but its a minor and not the core Android OS if I recall

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