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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. Rob49
    Wasn't it the case that it was praised to the hilt, rightly so, when it was first released & long since....it's only when the next best thing comes along, that things get forgotten about.
  2. equalspeace
    I purchased the ZX2 with about 80 hours of play time on it according to the previous owner. I have probably 30 hours on this custom cable (which is recommended for a burn in of 50 hours at minimum) and approximately 110 or so hours on the ZX2. Listening now and the sound from this rig, which includes the HD6XX, is just coming together marvelously as the hours add up. So smooth, warm and gooey, but detailed, with a wide soundstage, and all the instruments sound like they're supposed to sound, nothing's off or digital sounding. Thing that probably changed most besides separation going from TRS to TRRS, is the widening of the soundstage. The whole presentation is just sooo excellent.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
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  3. proedros
    i liked zx2 a lot - i mean i stayed with it for 2 years - but to my ears wm1a is a definite improvement

    i sold my zx2 like 3 days aftr getting wm1a (it was burned in , mind you)

    curious what the next line of sony daps will sound like
  4. Rob49
    I totally agree, since going TRRS, but have this nagging urge to hear "true balanced".
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  5. equalspeace
    I had two WM1As and sold both. Imo more treble is the reason people think it's an improvement. The WM1A is just different from the ZX2, not better for me.
    After owning the 1A Walkman for more than a year, I confirm the ZX2 is more of the all round Walkman for our digital age compared to the 1A.
    I feel 1A is a step down from it. Granted 1A is balanced but single ended that sound almost the same.
    ZX2 is still holding up its charge and drives my isine 20 as good as the 1A and most important it has more uses than just sound.
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  7. chortya
    Is Sony ZX2 still worth getting at a good price as an upgrade to AK70 (first version)? I am interested in the Tidal offline capability it can offer. I also owned Pioner XDP-100R and it was not as good as LG G6 phone (korean DAC version). I really like the sound of AK70 paired with Beyerdynamic Xelentos but it's bluetooth connectivity is not very good. It has AptXHD which is a huge plus but the distance and connection stability need improvement.
  8. Rob49
    I finally went with TRRS with my ZX2 ( Had 2 & a half years now. ) & i think it sounds fantastic. How does "true balanced", compare to the ZX2 TRRS ?
  9. kms108
    TBH I don't even know the differences, I have the zx300 with balance, and the zx2 with SE. probably very minor, but not enough for me to tell the differences.
  10. Rob49
    Thanks for that feedback. I've been toying with buying a ZX300 for ages now, to go "true balanced" & from what you're saying, it probably would be a waste of money ?
  11. kms108
    To me the ZX2 has better built quality, I've had my ZX2 for 2 1/2 years, not a single scratch, but my black ZX300 already is scratched many months back, and the buttons on the ZX2 is not loose whiles the ZX300 does move around.
  12. cfc7
    Minor differences between ZX2 SE and ZX300 balanced or between TRRS vs balanced?
  13. chimney189
    Good day everyone,
    I currently own a FiiO X5 Gen III and it is paried with Campfire Audio Andromeda.
    I'm wondering how the Sony ZX2 would compare?

    Does anyone have some extensive listening impressions?
    I was able to get my FiiO just over $200, so I felt that was a good deal. I just sometimes feel that the sound is too warm.

    Any impressions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  14. purk Contributor
    To me, the ZX2 is still very legit top player if you don't drive very hard to drive headphones. The ZX300 however can serve as a DSD transport, something that the ZX2 cant do and work better with hard to drive phones like the HD800. For easier to drive phones, I agree that I do enjoy the ZX2 just as much if not more than the ZX300.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
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  15. willywill
    What other portable amp is out there to stack with the ZX2, right now i have the Fiio A5 in cart ready to buy
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